LPG cylinder new price: LPG gas cylinder price reduced by Rs 83, know what is the price now

LPG cylinder Price: Gas cylinder becomes cheaper again, know how much rupees have been reduced now
LPG cylinder new price: New update! Domestic LPG cylinder became cheaper by Rs 200, know details
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LPG Cylinder Price: Oil companies have given relief to the general public by cutting the price of gas cylinders. However, there has been no change in the price of domestic gas cylinders.

LPG Gas Cylinder Price Today: On June 1, a big reduction in the price of LPG cylinder is being seen on the very first day of the month. Oil companies have given relief in the price of LPG Gas Cylinder Price on 1 June. According to the price released by the government oil companies (OMCs), the price of commercial gas cylinder has decreased by Rs 83. For 19 kg commercial LPG gas cylinder, now Rs 1773 will have to be paid. Earlier this cylinder was of Rs.1856.50. However, the domestic gas cylinder will be available at the same price as before.

Air travel may be affected

Apart from giving relief in commercial LPG cylinders, the price of jet fuel (air fuel) has also been cut by the oil companies. There has been a reduction of around Rs.6,600 in the price. This can have an impact on air travel in the coming times. The new rates have been implemented from June 1. Oil companies have not made any change in the price of domestic LPG cylinders. For this, Rs 1103 will have to be paid in the capital Delhi as before.

New rates of commercial gas cylinders

Gas cylinder has come down from Rs 1856.50 to Rs 1773 in Delhi. In Kolkata, as against the earlier Rs 1960.50, now Rs 1875.50 will have to be paid. Similarly, earlier it was available for Rs 1808.50 in Mumbai, which will now be available for Rs 1725. The price has come down to Rs 1937 from Rs 2021.50 in Chennai.

Heavy reduction in ATF price

Apart from LPG, oil companies have also drastically cut the price of ATF. The price of one kiloliter has come down to Rs 6600. The price of ATF in Delhi has come down to Rs 89,303.09 from the earlier Rs 95935.34. Earlier the price in Mumbai was Rs.89348.60 per kiloliter, which will now be available at the rate of Rs.83,413.96 per kiloliter. The rate has come down to Rs 95,963.95 per kiloliter in Kolkata and Rs 93,041.33 per kiloliter in Chennai.

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