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Lok Sabha Elections 2024 exit polls results will come today, know when and where to watch

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Lok Sabha Chunav Exit Poll 2024: Voting is going on today for the seventh and last round of the general elections. With this, everyone will be waiting for the result. Counting of votes will take place on June 4. However, before the results, the picture of who can form the new government in the country will become clear through the exit polls. After all, know when and where you will be able to see these exit polls.

The election battle of 2024 has now reached the final round. The seven-phase voting which started on April 19 will end today with the last round of voting. The final results of the Lok Sabha elections, which lasted for about two months, will be declared on June 4 for all the states and union territories. It will be clear on June 4 who will form the next government in the country. However, exit polls will come out before the final counting of votes, which can make it clear what is in the minds of the voters. People are also eagerly waiting for the exit polls. Everyone wants to know when and where these exit polls will come, so let us tell you.

When and where to watch exit polls

Exit polls are conducted immediately after the elections are over. According to the Election Commission, exit polls should be declared 30 minutes after the last round of voting is over. The Election Commission does not allow exit polls during voting. In such a situation, exit polls will come out after the seventh and last round of voting for the Lok Sabha elections is over on June 1. Exit poll results will be released after 6:30 pm today. NBT Online has made special preparations for this. You can get every update of exit polls of different agencies online.

Where to watch live streaming of Exit Poll 2024

Survey agencies like CSDS, C Voter, Times Now, Today Chanakya, Axis My India release their exit polls. They will be live-streamed on different news channels, social media platforms and YouTube.

What is an exit poll?

Exit polls generally take into account the opinion of voters immediately after voting. This gives us an idea of ​​which party is getting how many seats in the state and whose government is going to be formed. Exit poll estimates are often considered close to the results. However, these are not the final results; the election results will be clear after the counting of votes on June 4.

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Pravesh Maurya
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