Loan will be available easily despite bad Cibil Score, apply this way

  • Coronavirus increases the problem of bad Cibil Score
  • Can get loan despite bad Cibil Score
  • Will have to pay more interest rate

New Delhi: Due to coronavirus people are needing to take loans for their needs but in recent times it is seen that a large population is suffering from the problem of poor Cibil Score. Because of which people are facing difficulty in getting loan. If you too are not able to get a loan due to bad cibil score, then we will tell you the ways through which you can get a loan easily.

Take loan from NBFC- If your CIBIL score is bad, then apply for a loan in NBFC instead of bank. Although the interest rates charged by NBFC are higher than those offered by banks, they also give loans easily to those with poor CIBIL score.

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Gold loan  Gold loan is a type of secured loan. In this, you keep your gold as a bail. You that without your credit score (you can get a loan of up to 75 per cent of the value of your Gold Credit Score the Czech’s).

Take a Loan Against Fixed Deposit in lieu of Fixed Deposit – If you want a loan quickly, you can try out the option of Fixed Deposit in addition to gold. But on such a loan, you have to pay more than the interest rate, interest on FD.

Loan policies can be taken on insurance policies – One way to manage the money is to take an insurance policy against the loan. For a loan in this manner, you have to assign the insurance policy to the bank. If you repay the loan, the bank re-assigns the policy back to you.



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