LIC Scheme: Big News! LIC’s superhit policy, pay 4 premiums and get Rs 1 crore sitting at home, know how?

LIC Superhit Plan: You will get up to 50,000 pension at the age of 40, know plan details here
LIC Superhit Plan: You will get up to 50,000 pension at the age of 40, know plan details here
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LIC Scheme: Money deposited in banks is not giving adequate returns. In such a situation, there is a special plan of LIC which is proving to be very beneficial, under this scheme, after paying four premiums, a good return of up to one crore can be taken. The name of this scheme of LIC is Shiromani Scheme, a good return can be obtained in this investment.

Good cover for illness too
LIC Life Shiromani Plan (L Ic Jeevan Shiromani Plan) is the beneficiary of one with the best cover for the disease. The duration of this plan has been fixed in the limit of 4 levels. Which includes 14, 16, 18 and 20 years. The age of the person taking the policy has been fixed at 18 years and maximum 55 years. The minimum sum assured value under this plan is Rs 1 crore.

According to the rules, deposits have to be made for 4 years, in which the policy holder is also getting debt and survival benefits. 30 percent of the Basic Sum Assured on the 10th and 12th year of the 14 year policy, 35 percent on the completion of 14 years after 12th on the policy term of 16 years, 40 percent on the completion of 14th and 16th year of the 18 year palsy and 45 Taka Basic Sum Insured is given on the completion of 16th and 18th year of the palsy term of 20 years.

These documents will be required
To take Jeevan Shiromani plan of LIC (LIC) documents have to be submitted to the palsy section. The palsy holder is required to provide his ID proof, date of birth proof, address proof, photograph of the holder and bank details.

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