LIC Dhansu Plan: Get Pension Rs 50,000 Annually at age of 40, then choose this lic plan, know details

LIC Scheme: Big News! LIC's superhit policy, pay 4 premiums and get Rs 1 crore sitting at home, know how?
LIC Scheme: Big News! LIC's superhit policy, pay 4 premiums and get Rs 1 crore sitting at home, know how?

New Delhi. If You Have A Lump Sum Amount And Want To Get Lifelong Pension Without Waiting For Old Age, Then You Start Getting Pension From The Age Of 40 As Soon As You Deposit A Lump Sum Amount In LIC ‘S Saral Pension Yojana .

Lump Sum Amount Is Also Kept Safe In NIC. That Is, It Is Better To Invest Money In Such A Scheme Than To Keep Money In A Bank Account Or At Home Or In Any Scheme, So That The Money Is Safe And The Return Is Good.

If Seen, Pensions Are Often Offered Only After 60 Years. Monthly Contributions Have To Be Made Before That. But LIC Has Launched Such A Plan In Which You Can Take Benefit Of Pension Before Old Age. Under This Scheme, Pension Starts From The Age Of 40.

You Just Have To Deposit A Lump Sum Amount Instead Of Monthly. This Plan Is For Those People Who Have Good Deposits But Do Not Have Monthly Income. In Such A Situation, They Can Make Monthly Income In The Form Of Pension While Keeping Their Deposits Safe.

LIC Has Launched This Scheme From July 1. In This, The First Is Life Annuity With 100% Return Of Purchase Price And The Second Pension Plan Is Joint Life. You Can Choose Any One Of These Options.

It Offers Both Single Life And Joint Life Options. In Single Life, The Policy Will Be In The Name Of One Person, That Is, This Pension Plan Will Be Linked To One Person. As Long As The Pensioner Is Alive, He Will Continue To Get Pension. After The Death Of The Pensioner, The Base Premium Will Be Paid To The Nominee.

In A Joint Life Both The Husband And Wife Are Covered. In This, The Spouse Who Survives For The Longest Time Gets Pension. When Both Are No More, The Base Price Is Given To The Nominee.

LIC Has Launched Saral Pension Yojana. It Has All The Features That Were Not There In The Earlier Plan. That Is, You Can Take Pension Every Month, Quarterly, Half-Yearly Or Annually By Depositing A Lump Sum Amount At Any Time At The Age Of 40 To 80 Years. This Pension Will Be Available For Life. The First Is A Life Annuity With 100% Return Of Purchase Price For A Single Life. 12000 Will Have To Be Invested Annually In This Scheme. There Is No Maximum Investment Limit In This.

This Plan Is For People From 40 To 80 Years.

You Will Get Pension Like This:

Suppose You Are 40 Years Old And You Have Deposited A Single Premium Of Rs 10 Lakh, Then You Will Start Getting Rs 50250 Annually Which Will Be Available For Life. Apart From This, If You Want Your Deposited Amount Back In The Middle, Then In Such A Situation, After Deducting 5 Percent, The Deposited Amount Is Returned To You.