Every investor wants his money to be doubled. There are many schemes in the market where you can double the money by investing. But, in all this, there is a risk of drowning money. It is necessary to invest the right scheme and the right place. We are telling you about a scheme where your guarantee will double the money. The best part is that the government itself operates this scheme. There is also a complete guarantee of security of money. We are talking about the Post Office Kisan Vikas paper scheme, here you guarantee better returns when you invest.

Money will double in 124 months
Let us say that your investment in the Post Office Kisan Vikas paper scheme will be doubled in 124 months. The interest rate has been fixed at 6.9 per cent by September 30, the second quarter of 2021. If you invest a lump sum amount of Rs. 1 lakh in this scheme, you will get Rs 2 lakh in return on maturity.

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Meets many facilities
You get many facilities in the Kisan Vikas paper scheme. You can redeem it after two and a half years. In addition, the scheme can also be transferred to another post office. The Kisan Vikas paper scheme also facilitates noise.

Who can invest?
After 18 years, an Indian farmer can invest in the development paper scheme. It is important that you also get a single account and joint account in this scheme. However, minors can also apply in the scheme, but they have to be supervised by the guardian.


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