Kent CamAttendance Review: Attendance will be seen now


Corona era where people are following the rule of social distancing. At the same time, such devices are also knocking in the tech world. You can do many important things that are touched. One of them is the recently launched Kent RO device ‘CamAttendance’. This device has been introduced keeping in mind the safety of people in the Corona era. After the launch, we got a chance to review this device. Let’s know in detail about the specialty of CamAttendance and its use …

CamAttendance: Price

It is important to look at the price of CamAttendance before the review. The price of this touchless device offered for office is Rs 25,000. Please tell that the brand ambassador of CamAttendance is Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan. CamAttendance can be purchased from the official website of Kent RO.

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CamAttendance: Device does not take up much space

After reviewing CamAttendance, we can say that if you are buying this device for your office then it takes up very little space. It can be comfortably set on the wall. The special thing is that for this you will not even need a mess of wires.

CamAttendance: Easy to Connect

To review CamAttendance, we connected this device to the laptop via our WiFi. We did not face any problem in this. If you want, you can take help of Kent RO’s engineer team to get it connected in the office. Which will connect the device to the laptop in a pinch. For this, only your device and laptop have a wifi connection.

CamAttendance: Completely Touchless

CamAttendance has been introduced in the Corona era, especially keeping in mind that it can be used without having to touch to attend. Usually, finger touch is required to attend the office and in such a situation, many people have their hand marks on the machine so that it is not safe at this time. In such a situation, this device will take attendance only by looking at your face.

CamAttendance: Equipped with Artificial Intelligence

CamAttendance is launched by Kent under its NextGen Touchless Attendance Facial Recognition System. In this, AI technology has been used to engage employees. Which identifies the face. You can manage this device with the help of cloud application.

CamAttendance: Very easy to manage

While reviewing CamAttendance, it did not take long to understand that this device is very easy to manage. It is integrated with the existing Human Resource Management System (HAMS). It is also much faster than manual and fingerprint attendance. As soon as you come in front of it, it will recognize your face and take attendance. If desired, a masked face can also be activated. That is, you can give attendance by applying mask. This will also ensure that no one will enter the office without a mask.

After reviewing CamAttendance, we can say that this device is quite easy to use and can be managed comfortably. In this, the company can view all the data from HR Cloud and can record employee presence. Overall, it may be the best device for attendance during the Corona era.

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