Internet Company Free WiFi Offer: Internet company gave free WiFi gift for 18 years, Swiss couple named daughter after her


The owner of Twifi has assured the people that if his company is closed down then he will give the money of WiFi to the people personally.

What can you do to take advantage of free WiFi? A couple from Switzerland has done something to get free WiFi which is being discussed all over the world. A couple in Switzerland named their daughter Twifia. The name is being discussed more because the popular Internet service provider Twifi has given him free WiFi for 18 years as a gift, due to which he named his daughter Twifia after the company. .

Twifi is a major internet service provider company in Switzerland. It has started a campaign, under which the couple or children will be provided free internet service for 18 years if the newborn is named Twifius or Twifia. The Swiss Internet company has released an advertisement for this offer. The ad was seen by the child’s father on Facebook and decided to take it. Philippe Fotsch, the owner of Internet company Twifi, has assured people that if his company is shut down, he will personally give WiFi money to the people under this campaign.

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Information about this campaign has also been given on the company’s website. It has been written that just upload a photo of your child’s civil birth certificate. After verification, Twifi will give you free internet for 18 years. The couple, who have such a different daughter’s name, have refused to reveal their names. Couple has decided to remain anonymous, as he believes that people will judge him after naming the daughter after the service provider company. They do not want to face this pressure.

Couple claims that the name was not strange to him. The father of the 35-year-old child said that the longer I thought about this name, the more unique it became to me. This is what attracted me. At the same time, the child’s mother said that it took longer than her husband to accept this name for her daughter. However, he also said that the name has a better meaning for me. The name Twifia also denotes connection. It is for an eternal bond. There are also very bad names in the world. At the same time, the more we say Twifia, the closer it gets to our heart.


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