Indian Railways: Railways will run trains without reservation, will be able to travel immediately by taking tickets

Indian Railways: Important news! Entry fee of Rs 30 will have to be paid at New Delhi railway station, Rs 200 for parking, know detail
Indian Railways: Important news! Entry fee of Rs 30 will have to be paid at New Delhi railway station, Rs 200 for parking, know detail

Bhopal Railways will run trains without reservation. These trains will be fully general coach. They will be able to travel immediately with a ticket These will be different from local trains. These will run between one and the other stations of Mandal in the first phase. When this scheme is successful, they can be run for a limited distance from one division to another. These can be started at any time after the introduction of the corona vaccine. Its preparations have been started. The board has also asked for information from all the railway boards.

Railways motive behind running unreserved train

The purpose of the railway behind running unreserved trains is to bring passengers traveling long distances in reserved trains to the last station quickly. Currently, there are three to four general coaches in reserved trains. To travel in these, a reservation has to be done. Corona could travel with a ticket immediately before the transition.

Passengers upset due to excessive stoppage of long distance trains

A senior Railway Board official said that mail and express trains are reserved, but due to the general coaches in it, the local passengers also travel, for that the train has to be stopped at small stations. In this way, 90 percent passengers traveling 500 to 1000 kilometers in the said train are upset. They complain that they do not reach the last station early. The reason is that it takes five to seven minutes in addition to stoppage time to stop and run any train at a station.

Bhopal Division – Unreserved trains can run here







At present, there are 48 general coaches in 12 trains.

12 trains run on normal days from Bhopal Railway Division. A train takes 48 general coaches according to four coaches. However, due to Corona, reservations have to be made to travel in these coaches. Passengers benefit: Travelers traveling in local will get more trains in less time. There will also be an option for more trains for low-income passengers.

Benefit to railways

The speed of all trains will not be affected due to general coaches. Will help increase the speed of long distance trains.

Unreserved train tickets will be available online and from the window

Tickets can be availed through both railway counter and online. This facility will be operational only when the date of running of unreserved trains is fixed.

In Mandal, information was sought regarding passengers traveling on unreserved railway tickets and general coaches being installed in trains, which have been sent. Whatever plans are being made to run unreserved trains will be at senior level. Can’t say anything at the mandal level.