Indian Railways: Great relief to rail passengers; 200 trains will run daily from June 1; Online booking soon


Jagran Bureau, New Delhi . To speed up the stagnant life due to the lockdown, the government is gearing up. After 15 pairs of AC special trains on the route of Rajdhani, Rajdhani Special for migrant laborers, the Ministry of Railways has now announced to run 200 non AC special trains. These will be operated daily from 1st June. Booking of tickets for these trains will be online. Station counters will not be opened. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted and informed about this. It is believed that while deciding the route of these trains, it will be kept in mind that where the number of migrants is more.

Goyal has also said to double the number of Shramik Special trains to 400 daily within the next few days. The Ministry of Railways has also made preparations to curb the politics happening on Shramik Special trains. The ministry has clarified that now the consent of the state where the workers are to be transported will not be necessary for the operation of labor special trains. The Ministry of Railways will decide to run the Shramik Special Train with the Ministry of Home Affairs. States have been given the responsibility of arranging in this regard.

To ensure safe and smooth return of workers, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a new modality (SOP). According to this, the Railway Ministry will now operate trains in coordination with the states as well as the Ministry of Home Affairs. Where the laborers have to move and the state to reach, they will appoint state nodal officers, so that there is no problem in operating the trains.

In the guidelines issued by the Railways on May 2, it was said that for the operation of the train, the consent of the state will be required where the workers have to reach. The railway used to make further arrangements only after receiving this letter of approval. It was seen that many states were reluctant to take back migrant laborers. At the same time, lakhs of laborers trying to reach home in fear of virus infection and snatching employment started traveling on foot. The new system is expected to remove this chaos and disorder.

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 New SOP for Labor Special

– Ministry of Railways will take a decision on the operation of trains with the Ministry of Home Affairs

– Train stopping stations will be fixed according to the need of the workers

– Workers will not be forced to get too far from their destination

– The respective states will appoint nodal officers for operations

– In case of any problem, the Home Ministry official will have to contact

 First the permission of the destination state was required for labor special

Special trains started from May 12

Explain that the rail service was completely stalled due to the lockdown. Railways first decided to run the first labor special train for migrant laborers stranded in different states. Migrants are being transported to their states by this train. On May 12, 15 pairs of special trains also started running on the track. However, 15 pair of special trains are fully AC. These trains are being run in New Delhi and 15 different parts of the country.



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