Indian Railway Rules Changed: Indian Railway changed 5 rules for traveling in the trains , know new rules today

Indian Railways Rule: Now you can travel by train without ticket, know this special rule of railways
Indian Railways Rule: Now you can travel by train without ticket, know this special rule of railways

Indian Railway Rules: If you are unaware of these rules of Indian Railways then you must know about them.

Indian Railway Rules: Indian Railways is called the life line of the country. The reason behind this is that every day lakhs of people travel through it. However, traveling by rail is considered to be much more comfortable through any other vehicle. Here people easily board their train and reach their destination in a fixed time. All the security circles or jams may have to be faced through the airport or any other vehicle.

Railway gives convenience to the passengers

The railways itself had to make strict rules for the facilities that the railways provide to its passengers. Let us tell you that in order to travel at night in the train, it is necessary for you to follow these rules of the railways. If a passenger makes a complaint against you, then action can be taken against you. If you are unaware of these rules then you must know this.

Learn 5 Basic Rules of Indian Railways

These rules are special for those traveling in three tier coach
If you travel in a three tier coach, then the biggest problem is in the middle berth. The lower berth passengers keep sitting till late at night, due to which this seat is not able to open. But according to the rules of the railways, you can open the middle berth from 10 pm to 6 am and apart from this, if your co-passenger of the middle berth opens his seat during the day, then you can open it.

It is necessary to open the seat in the middle berth after 10 pm
If the passengers of the lower berth are sitting in their seats even after 10 o’clock in the night and are not allowing the middle berth to open, then you can refer to the railway rules or talk to the TC.

Can stop the song playing in mobile
During travel, people listen to songs or watch videos in mobile. If those people do this without any headphones, then it is against the rules of the railways. If the hitchhikers have a problem with that sound, they can flatly refuse. There is such a rule for other passengers traveling to take their sleep properly.

Tickets cannot be checked at night
After 10 pm, if TC disturbs your sleep and asks you to check the ticket, then you can take any action. This is because according to the rules of the railways, the ticket is not checked after 10 pm in the night. This rule has been made so that the passengers do not have trouble and their journey should be pleasant and comfortable.

Talking loudly is illegal
If someone talks too loudly on the phone and it disturbs the sleep of another passenger, then they can file a complaint with the railways.