Indian Railway Reservation Ticket: Big News! Now reservation will not have to be done in general coach, know full detail

Indian Railway : Imporatnt news! Can you travel in a train without a ticket? Know its full reality
Indian Railway : Imporatnt news! Can you travel in a train without a ticket? Know its full reality

Good news is coming for the railway passengers. Now the policy of reservation in general coach will not be applicable. During the increasing effect of Kovid-19, the policy of reservation was implemented in general coaches also so that the train does not get crowded.

In the era of Covid 19, the railways had implemented the reservation policy in general class coaches to control the crowd. Under which the number of seats in the general class coaches will be given to the same number of passengers. But as the infection of Kovid 19 has decreased, protests have started regarding it. In such a situation, it is believed that the railway management can amend its earlier rule from November 1. Under which the general class coaches can be operated as before.

This policy of railway has been opposed

Even though the railways was successful in preventing the spread of the infection of Kovid 19, but due to this, the common passengers have to face a lot of trouble. They are not allowed to board the train without a reserved ticket. There was a lot of uproar in the Western Railway zone regarding this and the passenger demanded to restore the arrangement of the East. Passengers argued that in case of emergency when they do not get a ticket in Sleeper or First Class AC, then they are left with the only option to travel in the normal class but due to the new arrangement they are not able to travel.

Railway has indicated that rules may change from November 1

After the uproar in the Western Railway, railway officials have indicated that there may be relaxation in the rules from November 1. However, the officials are still not saying that the old system will be restored from November 1 or some other rules will be made. Because under the current arrangement, passengers will have to first reserve their tickets for traveling in general class also. Their tickets will be checked before the journey, only after which they will be allowed to travel.

20 pairs of trains pass through Tatanagar station every day

Tatanagar Railway Station is one of the important stations in Chakradharpur Division of South Eastern Railway. Every day 20 pairs of trains travel from here. This includes 02810 Mumbai CSTM Mail Special Train, 02905 Howrah Weekly Superfast Special Train, 02102 Dnyaneshwari Superfast Special Fare Special Train, 02279 Azad Hind Superfast Special Train, 08615 Kriya Yoga Special Fare Special Train, 02280 Azad Hind Superfast Special Train, 02809 Howrah Mail Special Train. 08190 Ernakulam Tatanagar Special, 05022 Shalimar Weekly Special Fare Special Train, 08477 Kalinga Utkal Special Fare Special Train and 02801 Purushottam Superfast Special Train. In this, it is mandatory for the passengers to have a reserved ticket before traveling in the general class.


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