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Indian Old 500 Rupees Note: In the festival of Diwali, such people will get lakhs of rupees from old 500 rupees note, know how?

500 Rupees Old Note: You will get 10 thousand rupees, by this note of 500, know how
500 Rupees Old Note: You will get 10 thousand rupees, by this note of 500, know how
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Indian Currency: Many people have lost their jobs after the corona infection in the country. After this, he searches for money here and there. 500 rupees and thousand notes were discontinued by the central government. After which the value of these money became equal to just a piece of paper. Before 2016, the value of the notes was nothing, but now these notes are being bought for lakhs of rupees.

Just once you have to dig your piggy bank, purse, safe once and when you get this old note then you will get 500 lakhs of rupees.

This is special in note

According to the information, the serial number has not been printed twice in this note. If so, then you can get Rs 5,000 in return. Apart from this, if the portion of this note is more, then you will get another 5,000 rupees in return for it. In this way you will get 10,000 rupees in exchange for this note.

Sell like this

To sell notes, you have to visit the official website of After this, you have to go to the site and register as a seller. After this you can put the picture of your coin on the online upload cell. From there interested people will contact you and you can earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home. You can also sell it on Quickr.

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