Income Tax Filing: Refund not received yet after filing ITR, check these 4 things

Income tax return how to deduction claim more than 2 lakhs under NPS
Income tax return how to deduction claim more than 2 lakhs under NPS

On the day all the work of the centralized processing center is completed on the income tax return, the tax is refunded within 20 to 45 days. This year, there are a large number of tax payers who complain that it has been more than 4 months since they have filed their returns, but their tax returns have not come yet. While many tax payers were paid within a week. Let us understand why there is a delay in getting tax refund.

Re-check your ITR

If you do not get any information about the return within two months, then first of all check your ITR. Many times we make mistakes while filing returns in haste or for other reasons. In such a situation, our returns do not come.

Additional notifications

Many times we have to provide some additional information or the income tax asks for some new information to refund the return. In such a situation, if you do not get the return on time, then definitely check whether the Income Tax Department is asking for some new information from you. Such documents should be submitted as soon as possible.


Many times you do not get your returns even if you claim more returns. In such a situation, you will be given some information from the Income Tax Department. In such a situation, you check your document again. If everything is correct, you can claim again. But if it is wrong, then demand new amount.

Mistake in itr

Even if you have filled the wrong form, your money does not come. According to the new rules of the Income Tax Department, even if you give incorrect bank account information, your money is not refunded. Also, we should take care that our PAN number is linked to the account.

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