Human smuggling ops: Four Indians found dead at Canada-US border

Human smuggling ops: Four Indians found dead at Canada-US border
Human smuggling ops: Four Indians found dead at Canada-US border

In the US-Canada border, the four Indians are said to be victims of an organized human trafficking gang, which left them midway. A newborn is also among the dead. The police has also arrested a 47-year-old man in this case.

Toronto: Four members of a family died due to cold in a painful accident on the Canadian border with America, all four are Indian citizens. A newborn is also among the dead. However, it is being told as a case related to human trafficking.

Bodies of 4 Indians found on the border
The Mantoba Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said Thursday that four bodies were found on the Canadian side of the Canada-US border near Emerson on Wednesday, two of them of adults, one of a juvenile and a newborn.

According to media reports, US officials told that it is believed that the deceased had come from India and were trying to enter the US border from Canada. Jane McClatchy, assistant commissioner of the RCMP, said on Thursday: In the very early stages of the investigation, it seems that all have died due to cold weather.

The child’s belongings were with the deceased
McClatchy said the RCMP believed the four dead were part of a group that was apprehended from US territory near the border. He told that the four bodies were found at a distance of 9 to 12 meters from the border.

According to reports, the Mantoba RCMP received information from the US Customs and Border Defense Department on Wednesday that a group of people near Emerson had crossed the border and entered the US with an adult in the hands of children’s use, but in the group Not a newborn baby.

One arrest for smuggling
Soon after, the search operation was started on both sides of the border and in the afternoon the bodies of adult male, female and newborn were found while the body of the juvenile was found after sometime. The US Attorney’s Office for the District of Minnesota said a 47-year-old Florida man, Steve Shand, has been arrested on human trafficking charges in the case.

According to the Mantoba RCMP, these people were trying to cross the border with someone’s help. But they died due to bad weather because strong winds are blowing there and the temperature is around minus 35 degree Celsius. Not only did these four people come under the grip of winter, but long distance, icy winds and darkness are also believed to be the reason for this accident.