How To Become A Pilot Of Aeroplane, Eligibility And Selection Process

How To Become A Pilot Of Aeroplane, Eligibility And Selection Process
How To Become A Pilot Of Aeroplane, Eligibility And Selection Process

Career As Pilot: Seeing the flying ships in the sky, we all dream of becoming a pilot once in childhood. Although it is a dream that everyone wants to fulfill, but only a few people are able to make this dream come true.

Pilot’s job is a job in which along with good salary, many other amenities are also available. Not only is this job full of adventure, along with this, you also get a chance to travel the whole world in this job.

What is required to become a Pilot
If you want to make your career by becoming a pilot, then you must be aware of it. If you want to become a pilot then first you have to pass 10th class with good marks. After that you should be able to speak English well after passing 12th class with Physics, Chemistry and Maths. This means that your command in English should be very good. Apart from this, other things are also necessary.

  • Get a bachelor’s degree.
  • Gain flying experience.
  • Apply for pilot license.
  • Complete additional training and testing.
  • Advance as an airline pilot.
  • Prepare for admission with class XII exams.
  • Apply for Private Pilot License.
  • Apply for a commercial pilot license.

Education to become a Pilot

If you have fulfilled these conditions then you can apply for Pilot Entrance Exam after passing class 12th, but for this you can apply for Medical from Armed Forces Central Medical Establishment. Must have certificate. To become a pilot, you have to clear the pilot entrance exam which includes written exam, medical exam and interview.

is how long it takes to become a pilot (How long does it take to become a Pilot)
To become a pilot, first you have to take admission in a flying club, which should be recognized by the Government of India, along with this you have to apply for student pilot license and pass the entrance exam. After that you have to complete the training. It takes 2 to 3 years for you to become a pilot in India. On the other hand, if you want to become a pilot by going abroad, you can become a pilot in 1 year.

What Qualifications

Required To become a pilot, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria, in which apart from being an Indian citizen, it is necessary to pass 12th class with Physics, Chemistry and Maths with minimum 50% marks. Apart from this, your height should be at least 5 feet. Your age should be minimum 16 years and maximum 32 years. You should not have any serious illness. Your eyesight should be correct.

Cost to become a
pilot Becoming a pilot is not an easy task even financially, it costs around 20 to 25 lakhs to become a pilot. Its cost depends on which training institute you have taken admission in. If you want to become a pilot in less money then you have to join Indian Airforce first.

Here Career

Airline Pilot

There are many options apart from joining the Airforce in pilot career. In which becoming an airline pilot is the main thing. Their job is to fly airlines over long distances around the world to carry passengers and cargo at a given time. A commercial pilot is involved in flying a regional airline to carry passengers and cargo over short distances. Young aspirants like this career because in this you can travel all over the world.

Corporate Pilot

If you want to become a corporate pilot then it works to fly small corporate turboprops and jets for private enterprises or individuals. So as to assist in traveling to the meetings of corporate executives.

Charter Pilot

If you want to fly planes to a specific destination and passengers then you can become a charter pilot, also known as air taxi. You can operate your own private charter company or work for other charter airlines.

Major Colleges and Academies for Pilots

  1. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy
  2. indigo cadet training program
  3. Government Aviation Training Institute
  4. Indira Gandhi National Flying Academy
  5. Bombay Flying Club
  6. Rajiv Gandhi Academy of Aviation Technology
  7. Madhya Pradesh Flying Club
  8. National Flight Training Institute
  9. Ahmedabad Aviation And Aeronautics Limited
  10. Puducherry Thakur College of Aviation
  11. Government Flying Club
  12. Orient Flying School
  13. Aviation and Aviation Safety Institute


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