High FD Interest Rate Scheme: Big news! These post office schemes give more returns than bank FD! Know how much benefit and interest you get

Post Office scheme Interest Rate
Post Office scheme Interest Rate
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Since years, Fixed Deposits have been the most reliable and safest investment option among people when it comes to investing their saved money in most of the households in our country.

People from middle class to upper class like to FD their money in the bank. But, after the corona epidemic, the interest rates of FD have come down a lot. After the fall in interest rates, this investment is reliable, but, it is not giving better returns now.

If you are also looking for another option of safe and better returns like FD, then you can invest in this post office scheme. There is no risk of losing money in this as it helps in giving better returns away from market investment. So today, through this article, we are going to tell you about the post office investment options which give more returns than bank FD-

National Saving Certificate of Post Office
National Savings Certificate of Post Office is a better investment option than FD. Where during the Corona period, most banks get a rate of interest of 5 to 6 percent on FD. At the same time, in this National Saving Certificate of the post office, you will get an annual interest rate of about 8 percent. This rate of interest is calculated on an annual basis only.

Monthly Income Scheme
If you are looking for a safe income every month, then the Monthly Income Scheme of the Post Office is a great scheme. Under the Monthly Income Scheme, you can deposit up to Rs 5 lakh in a single account. Where there is a joint account, then the maximum amount that can be deposited is Rs 9 lakh. This scheme can mature in 5 years. Like this scheme, you get an interest rate of 6.6 percent. In this scheme, you get interest every month.

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