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HDFC all account closed! Big news! Close all accounts in HDFC… Government employees got this order, know why?

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Hdfc Bank: The Punjab Government’s Water Resources Department had to give this order to the employees due to some mining contractors.

Hdfc Bank: Private sector giant HDFC Bank is very popular among the people due to its service. But the Water Resources Department of the Punjab Government has refused the employees to open an account in HDFC. Not only this, those who already have an account in HDFC have also been told to close it. You must be wondering what is the matter that the Punjab government has to take this step.

The order issued on 22 August
In fact, the Water Resources Department of the government had to give this order to the employees due to some mining contractors. He was issued a bank guarantee. This order has been issued to the state government employees on 22 August 2022 (Monday). While giving the order, the Principal Secretary said that some executive engineers and district mining officers have got information about an important thing.

That’s why this decision was taken
In the letter issued by the Principal Secretary, it was said that HDFC Bank had issued bank guarantees to some mining contractors. These contractors have defaulted in making payments to the state government. When the officials associated with the department reached to encash the bank guarantee, the bank refused to do so without any reason. On this basis, it has been decided that now no account will be kept in HDFC Bank.

Open a salary account in another bank of your choice
Employees whose salary account is in HDFC, have been appealed to close this account. Employees were also asked to open salary accounts in any other bank of their choice. This order has been given to all the Chief Engineers, Executive Engineers, Sprintending Engineers on behalf of the Water Resources Department.

Pravesh Maurya
Pravesh Maurya
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