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Government will decide on pay commission, probation period and arrears to contract employees, know details

New Labor Code: Big news! Those with 25 thousand basic salary will get Rs 1,18,58,402 on retirement
New Labor Code: Big news! Those with 25 thousand basic salary will get Rs 1,18,58,402 on retirement
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Notification will be issued separately after pay revision rules

At present, there will be a change in 150 percent of the grade pay
State Bureau Chief-Shimla

The contract employees will also get the benefit of the new pay commission being implemented in Himachal. A separate notification will be issued for these. This will be decided after the pay revision rules are issued for regular employees and pensioners. Earlier in 2009, when the new pay commission was implemented, the same process was followed by the government.

In fact, contract employees are currently paid 150 percent of the basic pay, grade pay, then grade pay. By combining these three formulas, the total salary is formed. However, there is a lot of change in the duration of the contract between earlier and now. When the new pay commission was implemented in 2009, the contract period was longer, but now it has been reduced to just two years.

Despite this, after the implementation of the new pay commission rules, a separate notification will be made for the contract employees. In this the formula for determining the total salary can also be changed. The formula of 150 per cent issued at present will also be changed. The Chief Minister can also announce this in the budget speech. But the benefit of this will be given to the newly recruited contract employees and those who are currently running on the contract.

There is no arrears system for the contract employees. Similarly, there is still confusion regarding the arrears of the probation period. Regarding this also, the state government will clear the situation during its notification itself. Very few recruitments have taken place in the state during Covid-19. So there are fewer new employees on contract now. Many of these will now become regular due to increasing the contract period to 3 to 2 years, but the new recruits will still be recruited on contract.

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