Government gets big relief: GST collection crosses Rs 1 lakh crore in November


A good sign for the economy going through a recession is that GST revenue grew by 1.4 per cent in November 2020 as compared to November 2019.

new Delhi. Economic activities initiated in a phased manner in the Corona epidemic period have almost completely opened up. GST revenue received by the government due to the spurt in economic and industrial activities has also reached more than the pre-Kovid level. Even in the month of November, the GST collection has exceeded 1 lakh crore rupees. According to the latest data released by the central government, in November 2020, Rs 1,04,963 crore GST was collected. Out of which CGST Rs 19,189 crore, SGST 25540 crore and IGST 51992 crore have been collected. Out of 51,992 IGST, 22078 crores was collected from imported goods. At the same time, the government has also collected a cess of Rs 8242 crore. Out of which 809 crore rupees were collected from cess imported goods.

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1.4% higher GST collection as on November 2019A good sign for the economy going through the recession is that GST revenue was recorded at 1.4 per cent in November 2020 as compared to November 2019.

16286 crores was settled in SGST from IGST. CGST stood at Rs 41,482 crore and SGST Rs 41,826 crore after settlement. Another good sign among these figures is that 4.9 per cent more GST was collected than imported goods. At the same time, 82 lakh GSTR-3B returns have been filed till 30 November.
Month 2019 (Rs. GST crore) 2020
November 103491 104963
October 95379 105155
September 91916 95480
August 98202 86449
July 102083 87422
June 99939 90917
May 100289 62151
April 113865 32172 The

GST collection in the states in November 2020 was like this – the highest GST collection in the month of November was Rs 15001 crore in Maharashtra. While Gujarat stood at the second position with Rs 7566 crore, Tamil Nadu stood third in this case with a GST collection of Rs 7084 crore.

Apart from this, Rs 758 crore in Jammu and Kashmir, Rs 141 crore in Chandigarh, Rs 1286 crore in Uttarakhand, Rs 5928 crore in Haryana, Rs 3413 crore in Delhi, Rs 3130 crore in Rajasthan, Rs

5528 crore in Uttar Pradesh, 970 crore in Bihar. Rs, 223 crores in Sikkim, Rs 946 crores in Assam, Rs 3747 crores in West Bengal, Rs 1907 crores GST has been recovered in Jharkhand.

GST collections were Rs 2528 crore in Odisha, Rs 2181 crore in Chhattisgarh, Rs 2493 crore in Madhya Pradesh, Rs 6915 crore in Karnataka and Rs 1568 crore in Kerala.

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