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Good News: You can transfer money even without mobile or internet, this is an easy process

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With the convenience of mobile, computer and internet in cities, people can transfer money whenever they want through NEFT and RTGS. But in view of the problems in rural areas, it has also been started offline.

In today’s time, money can be transferred quickly and easily through online banking. In urban areas, people do not face any problem with the facility of mobile, computer and internet at all times. People in the city can transfer money whenever they want through NEFT and RTGS but in rural areas the internet connectivity is not good. Not every person is able to take advantage of this facility due to not having a smartphone or computer.

To get rid of this problem, NEFT and RTGS service have also been started offline.

Offline money transfer process

Offline service of NEFT and RTGS is beneficial for those people who do not have mobile, computer or good internet connectivity. Along with this, people who do not know how to use online banking technology, they can also use this facility. To take this offline facility, you have to go to the nearest branch of the bank in which you have an account. You have to keep in mind that this facility is available in that branch.

How to do offline NEFT and RTGS

For NEFT and RTGS, you have to fill a form in the bank which is called NEFT or RTGS Fund Transfer Request Form. In this, you have to fill the name of the person to whom the money is to be sent, account number, bank name, IFSC code and amount. With this form, you should also attach a check of the same amount. After this deposit it in the bank and your money will be transferred through NEFT or RTGS. For this you also have to pay some fee to the bank.

IFSC code required for fund transfer

To transfer funds through offline NEFT and RTGS, it is necessary to have the IFSC code of the branch of the bank to whom you want to send the money. This code is number 11 and it is different for every branch. So you must know the IFSC Code.


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