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Gold Hallmarking: Big news! Gold Hallmarking: Big News! Hallmarking can also be fake, identify real and fake hallmark before buying jewellery.

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Gold Hallmarking- The government has made hallmarking mandatory on jewelery to protect customers from fraud.

New Delhi. To protect customers from fraud, the government has now made hallmarking of gold jewelery mandatory. But, many people are still selling adulterated gold jewelery by applying fake hallmarking. Hallmarking Federation of India (HFI) has also admitted that some people are doing fake hallmarking on gold jewellery. Therefore, if you also buy jewelery on Dhanteras, do not blindly trust Hallmark. Be sure to check whether the hallmark is genuine or fake.

Hallmarking is a guarantee of the purity of gold. Hallmark is a mark placed on every jewellery. In this, the logo of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), its purity is given. Along with this, information about testing centers etc. is also available in hallmarking. The amount of gold in a jewelery varies, which is decided on the basis of its purity i.e. carat. Many times jewelers charge high carat prices for low carat jewellery. To eliminate this, hallmarking has been made mandatory.

Buyers make purchases just by seeing the hallmarking sign. It is not possible to identify whether the mark on the jewelery is genuine or fake at the time of purchase. Businessmen selling fake hallmarking jewelery take advantage of this. Fake hallmarking is often revealed at the time of sale.

Know Hallmarking

The government has changed the hallmarking signs of gold jewelery from July 1 last year, reducing the number of signs to three. The first sign is of BIS Hallmark. This is a triangular mark. The second sign tells about purity. That is, it shows how many carats of gold the jewelery is made of. The third character is a six-digit alphanumeric code called HUID number. HUID stands for Hallmark Unique Identification Number. This six digit code includes letters and digits. At the time of hallmarking, a HUID number is allotted to each jewellery. This number is unique. This means that no two pieces of jewelery can have the same HUID number.

This is how to identify real and fake

You can check hallmarked jewelery through a mobile app called BIS Care App created by the Bureau of Indian Standards. After downloading the BIS Care app, you will have to enter your name, phone number and email ID in it. Then, your mobile number and email ID will have to be verified through OTT. This app can be used only after verification. In this, by going to the Verify HUID section and entering your HUID number, you can get all the information related to the quality, manufacturing etc. of the jewellery.

Pravesh Maurya
Pravesh Maurya
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