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Festival Offers: Banks announcing different types of offers during the festival season .. really festive ..

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SBI, the country’s largest bank, has waived processing fees for customers applying for car, gold and personal loans through the Yono app.

As the festive season approaches, offers are announced on everything from essentials to clothes. Moreover, banks are also making various offers keeping in view the customers. Put some offers in front of customers for car, gold, personal loans. Originally the corona effect would benefit the common man in the face of rising prices in everything.

Prasesik without fees .. The country’s largest bank, State Bank of India through the App yono car, gold, personalized processing fee to customers who applied for loans has been canceled. SBI MD CS Shetty said that with the gradual recovery of the economy, SBI will not only provide a reduction in consumer spending but will also help keep the festive season enjoyable in meeting their financial needs.

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The bank is offering special discounts of up to 10 basis points on home loan interest rate based on credit score for loans of Rs 30 lakh to Rs crore. Home buyers can get an additional 5 basis points interest rebate if they apply for a loan through the Yono app. Customers who take out loans on gold are given flexible payment options for up to 36 months.

HDFC announces a variety of offers

HDFC Bank, one of the largest private banks, has over 1000 offers through tie-ups of major brands. It also offers 5 to 15 percent cash back on different types of customers on products and services. Agreements with Amazon, Mintra, Swiggy, Lifestyle, Bata, Vijay Sales, etc. The

bank offers over 2,000 hyper-local offers through tie-ups through grocery stores to customers in small towns and rural areas . We are proud that HDFC Bank is at the Kovid level. Aditya Puri, Managing Director of the bank, announced, “My advice to all customers and family members is to try HDFC.”

ICICI Bank offers different ..

ICICI Bank offers 50 per cent on auto loans, personal loans, business growth loans and two-wheeler loans along with zero processing fees. Electronics, gadgets, apparel, jewelery, healthcare, grocery-food ordering, automobile-furniture, entertainment, e-learning, the bank also offers offerings for their loan products.



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