Farm bills: Protesters burn tractor at Rajpath, raise slogans


    A group of men, suspected to be farmers from Haryana and Punjab, overturned a tractor, set it on fire in the middle of the road, and went live on social media

    A group of people allegedly set a tractor on fire at Rajpath near the India Gate lawns early Monday morning. Authorities said the fire was doused and no one was injured in the incident.

    The incident took place around 7.30am, when a group of men, suspected to be farmers from Haryana and Punjab, gathered at Rajpath and proceeded to overturn a tractor and set it on fire in the middle of the road.

    Passersby and witnesses told the police the men had brought the tractor to India Gate in a truck. They said the men also raised slogans of “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan” and clicked pictures with the burning tractor. Some also went live on social media from the spot. They were also carrying effigies.
    Police personnel on patrol, however, spotted the fire. But the men had left the area in their vehicles by then.

    Deputy commissioner of police (New Delhi) Eish Singhal said 15 to 20 persons gathered around 7.15-7.30am and set a tractor on fire.

    “Our men reached the spot and doused the fire before the tractor was completely burnt. The vehicle has been removed and legal action is being taken. We are yet to verify if this was a group of farmers,” Singhal said.

    The DCP said his teams are working to identify the men.
    Adequate police force has been deployed in the area to avoid such an incident from being repeated.

    Delhi Police had stepped up security at the border areas last week amid the ongoing farmers’ protest in Punjab and Haryana against the controversial farm bills passed in Parliament.

    On Friday, as farmers reached Noida Gate near Mayur Vihar around 11.45am in tractors and cars, Delhi Police personnel deployed on the Delhi side of the border set up barricades and stopped them from entering Delhi.


    1. 70 years of blood sucking monopoly for Congress, allies, Communists, ihadis is likely to end where they made the policies and operated them with the help of obliging babus who, in turn also joined the bandwagon of parasites. Every farmer, every conscientiously hard working people had to endure this all prevailing cabal of insects. For Congress in power collections ae upstream to Delhi family. The salivating allies got to loot the states and and also got a small bit from Congress in centre. communists got to dominate tribals where they even snatched the PDS income and daily wages from them. Middle men who collected and cast the money upstream for Delhi famiy had already taken there share. Babus who toed the line got money, awards, after retirement benefits and were free to take bribes when in service. The whole cabal became fatter and fatter while India became poorer and poorer.
      Now Modi wants to change this. A whole lot is out there lying and misleading the farmers to protect their own fiefdom


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