EPFO Employees: Good News! PF Money come in account, withdraw money in such 1 hour; Know here easy process

Big relief to the EPFO employees! Amount increased up to Rs 8 lakh, know latest update
Big relief to the EPFO employees! Amount increased up to Rs 8 lakh, know latest update
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PF Advanc: EPFO ​​is transferring interest in PF account. If you want to withdraw PF money, then we are going to tell you how.

New Delhi. EPFO ​​is transferring the interest of PF to the Provident Fund (PF) account of the employees. If you want to withdraw your PF money before the festival, then this news is for you only. We are going to tell you how to withdraw PF advance. Let us tell you, now at the time of medical emergency, the PF money comes in your bank account within 1 hour.

How to withdraw advance money from PF?

  • If you want to withdraw money in advance from your FPFO account, then follow this process.
  • First of all go to the home page of www.epfindia.gov.in website and click on Online Advance Claim.
  • You can also do this by logging in to unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/.
  • Go to Online Service and click on Claim (Form-31,19,10C & 10D).
  • Enter and verify the last 4 digits of your bank account
  • Click on Proceed for Online Claim
  • Select PF Advance from the drop down (Form 31)
  • Choose your reason. Enter the amount to be transferred and upload the scanned copy of the cheque.
  • Click on Get Aadhaar OTP and type OTP received on Aadhaar linked mobile.
  • In this way your claim has been filed. PF claim money will come in your account in one hour.

Interest has started coming in PF account

EPFO has started depositing the interest for the financial year 2020-21 in the account of PF account holders. Money has started coming in about 6.5 crore PF accounts of the country. In such a situation, all the account holders are checking their PF account to see how much PF money came in their account. It is worth noting that the government had already given green signal to the proposal to transfer 8.5 percent interest on PF for the financial year 2020-21. The Labor Ministry had also given its consent to this decision. Now EPFO ​​is depositing 8.5 percent interest in the accounts of the subscribers.

Check interest like this

You do not need to worry to check interest money in EPFO. There are several ways to check whether the interest amount has been credited to your account. By the way, information about transfer of interest from EPFO ​​​​is given to every subscriber by messaging. But, you can easily get the balance information in the account by sending a message yourself. You just have to type ‘EPFOHO UAN ENG’ on your mobile phone and send it to 7738299899. The last three characters of the message are for the language.

If you want to take your account information in Hindi, then you can send it by writing ‘EPFOHO UAN HIN’. But account holders have to keep in mind that send this message from the same mobile phone whose number is registered in UAN. Apart from this, you can also get information from your registered mobile number by giving a missed call on 011-22901406. After this you will get a message from EPFO ​​in which you will get the details of your PF account.

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