Electricity Amendment Bill introduced in Lok Sabha, know why the protest is happening?

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The Electricity Amendment Bill-2022 was introduced in the Lok Sabha on Monday and referred to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Energy. Congress, Left parties, TMC and DMK strongly opposed the introduction of this bill.

They allege that the bill violates the federal structure of the Constitution. By the way, this bill has been brought by the government as part of efforts to bring change in the field of electricity distribution, strengthen its regulatory mechanism and improve the entire system. This amendment bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha by Union Energy Minister RK Singh and he himself requested to send it to the Parliamentary Standing Committee for discussion.

Electricity Amendment Bill-2022 There is a controversy over the Electricity Amendment Bill-2022 introduced in the Lok Sabha because it will clear the way for private sector companies to enter the power distribution sector. Opposition parties are calling this bill a violation of the federal structure of the Constitution, as electricity is included in the Concurrent List. They allege that this bill will pave the way for indiscriminate privatization of the power sector. Whereas, Energy Minister RK Singh has accused the opposition parties of spreading false propaganda to ‘mislead the people’ regarding this bill.

Trying to mislead people- Government
Energy Minister said, ‘This bill does not cut any existing subsidy being given to farmers. Free electricity will continue to the farmers. There is no provision to stop subsidy in this bill. As far as the opposition’s objection to multiple licenses at the same time is concerned, this provision is also present in the Principal Act of 2003. They (opposition parties) are making false statements to mislead the people. We have discussed with all the states and stakeholders. This is a public interest and farmer interest bill.

It is an anti-farmer bill –
It is worth mentioning that the United Kisan Morcha had also warned against introducing this bill in Parliament. It says that the withdrawal of this bill was a major demand in the farmers’ agitation that lasted for a year. On the other hand, Leader of Congress in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury has said that ‘You had given a written assurance to the United Kisan Morcha that you would not bring this bill without discussion. This is an anti-farmer bill.

There can be a debate in the Parliamentary Committee- RK Singh
Earlier, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha had asked the members that instead of giving a political speech, only talk on whether the government has the right to bring a law or not. On the other hand, Minister RK Singh dismissed the concerns of the opposition and said that it is just a waste of time. The bill can be debated in a parliamentary committee.

There is no provision to reduce subsidy in the bill- RK Singh
Later to ANI, the Energy Minister said that ‘Opposition did not read the bill. There is no provision related to farmers in the bill, they will continue to get subsidy in the same way as they are getting. State governments can increase subsidies. There is no provision in the bill to reduce the subsidy.

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