E-Auto Permit: Big News! Delhi govt launched online registration for e-auto permits with 33% reservation, know detail

E-Auto Permit: Big News! Delhi govt launched online registration for e-auto permits with 33% reservation, know detail
E-Auto Permit: Big News! Delhi govt launched online registration for e-auto permits with 33% reservation, know detail

For e-auto permit, applicant should have Aadhaar number with Delhi address. Light Motor Vehicle must have a valid Driving License or TSR Driving License.   


New Delhi: Amidst the increasing pollution in Delhi, the government has taken a big decision. Efforts are being made to run electric or battery vehicles to reduce pollution caused by vehicles. Along with subsidy on the purchase of vehicles, charging stations are being built at various places. In this sequence, the Delhi government has made a big announcement regarding e-auto.

People driving private and commercial vehicles can take the facility of these vehicles, for which the rules for making permits have also been simplified. For this, the Delhi government has taken a special step. Online registration has been started for making e-auto permit and 33% reservation is being given to women in this.

Delhi will be the capital of e-auto

According to the Transport Minister of Delhi Government Kailash Gehlot, ‘The government has decided to give 33 percent reservation to women in the matter of e-auto permit. An e-vehicle policy has been formulated for battery-operated vehicles, under which e-auto permits are being issued. The Delhi government has decided to issue 4,261 auto permits to increase the number of vehicle registrations.

4,261 e-auto permits to be issued

According to the Delhi government, “In the first phase, 4,261 e-auto permits will be issued under the vehicle policy, of which 1,406 permits will be reserved for women.” According to Kailash Gehlot, ‘Those who are eligible (female and male applicants) can apply on the website of the Transport Department, Government of Delhi. Based on the information given in the application, e-permits will be issued to the people. Of the total registrations, 33 per cent permits have been reserved for women.

Rs 30,000 subsidy on auto purchase

The Delhi government wants to increase the operation of e-autos on the roads of Delhi through this subsidy. The government wants to make Delhi the capital of electric vehicles. Kailash Gehlot has written in a tweet that the Delhi government is committed to providing pollution free and world class transport facilities to the people.

The Delhi government gives a subsidy of Rs 30,000 on the purchase of electric autos under its EV policy. Let us tell you that for the e-auto permit, the applicant should have an Aadhaar number with the address of Delhi. For this, it is also necessary to have a valid driving license or TSR driving license of Light Motor Vehicle.

Apply before the last date 

It is not necessary to have a public service vehicle badge to apply for an e-auto permit. Those who get the e-auto permit will be required to get this badge within 45 days. The last date for applying for e-auto permit registration is November 1. Let us tell you that a loan is taken from the empanelment agencies of the Delhi government to buy e-autos, under which a rebate of 5% will be given on the interest.

For this, the Delhi government will organize ‘e-auto loans’ at IDTR Sarai Kale Khan and Loni where people will be able to see many different types of e-auto models. Let us tell you that test driving of these vehicles can also be done and complete information about the loan can be obtained before taking it.

33% reservation in auto permit 

According to the Delhi government, ‘After getting the e-auto permit, a loan will be provided at a cheaper rate along with subsidy on the purchase of auto. In such a situation, people will be encouraged to buy e-autos and this will increase the use of battery vehicles on the roads of Delhi. This will also get rid of the increasing pollution in Delhi. At present, e-autos are available in Delhi in the range of 2 to 2.25 lakhs and after the subsidy, the prices will be 1.5 to 2 lakhs. To increase the participation of women by the government, 33% reservation is also being given in auto permits.



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