Debit and credit card new rules: Rules for using debit and credit cards will change from October 1, check immediately

Credit Card Rules: HDFC-SBI-ICICI changed credit card rules, know the new rules before swapping.
Credit Card Rules: HDFC-SBI-ICICI changed credit card rules, know the new rules before swapping.
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The Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) card card-on-file tokenization rule is set to change from October 1. The deadline for implementing certain rules for debit and credit cards was extended by the RBI till October 1.

With these new rules, payment through credit and debit cards is to be more secure than before. When the customer transacts online, through a debit or credit card, at a point of sale (POS) or app, all the details will be saved in the encrypted code.

Here are the new rules – the first rule

In the new rules that the RBI had to implement, the first rule is that if a customer has not activated the credit card of a company within 30 days of taking it, then the company has to ask the customer to activate it. Consent has to be obtained through One-Time-Password (OTP). If the customer does not consent, they will have to close his/her credit card account.

Second law

The second rule is that the credit limit cannot be increased without the approval of the customer. Also, if any unpaid fee or tax etc. interest is not to be capitalized while adding.

No relief on these rules

Meanwhile, the RBI has not given any relief in implementing those rules, which are going to affect fintech companies. Apart from this, some provisions are for co-branded cards, which include Slice, Uni, OneCard, Lazypay (Fi), PayU’s, Jupiter etc.

Information will not be given to co-brands

According to the new provisions, the information related to the transactions done through the card cannot be given to the co-branding partner. These provisions may affect the business model of companies operating in the co-branded card segment as they woo the customers by offering them various modes based on these transactions.

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