Changes to Google Photos, Redesign Logo and New Map


New Delhi, Tech Desk. Search engine platform Google has announced changes to the logo and design of Google Photos. According to Google’s blog post, the new layout of Google Photos will rollout to Android and iOS devices by next week. The app will come with a new UI with three tab structures – Photo, Search and Library. In this, the photos will remain in the main tab as usual, here all the photos and videos of the users will be present with big thumbnails and there will be less white space between the photos, while accessing the search list of all types in the front and center of the search tab. Will be able to On the other hand, if you talk about the Library tab, then it will get features to access the album, archive and other things.

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Apart from this, a new interactive map view has been provided by Google, which will appear in the part of the new search tab, where you can pinch and zoom to explore your travel pictures anywhere in the world. Also during the road trip, you will be able to search the photos of your home town and any other place. But if you want to change it, then you have to close your location history and location permission. Google introduced a feature last year in which users would be able to revisit their old memory again. The company said that it is its most liked feature, which gets around 120 million visits every month. Every kind of memory like Best Picture, Best Friend and Family is present here.

Please tell that Google recently announced a change in the app and browsing settings to protect users’ personal data. Under this, Google will introduce auto delete control as a default, which will automatically delete the user’s location, search history, voice and Youtube activities every three months. Meaning that every three months, the search history of Google users will be updated and users will get new better content recommendation.


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