Bihar Election 2020: Sonia’s attack on Nitish, says bihar government steeped in arrogance, now is the time to change…


In Bihar, polling is going to be held for the first phase tomorrow. Before voting, Congress president Sonia Gandhi has targeted the state Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Sonia Gandhi said, the Nitish government in Bihar is steeped in power and arrogance. Now the time has come to change this arrogant government. Sonia said that I salute the sacred and historical land of Bihar. Today, in Bihar, the government steeped in power and its arrogance has gone out of its way. The difference between their doing and the words is clearly visible.

He said that today the laborers, farmers and youth are worried. The fragile state of the country’s economy is overshadowing the lives of the people. Today the sons of the earth are in serious trouble. Dalits and Mahadalits have to fight for every problem. Backward sections of society are also victims of this plight. The voice of the people of Bihar is with the Congress mahagathambdhan. Today is also the call of Bihar.

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Sonia said that the governments of Delhi and Bihar are captive governments. Demonetization, lockout, trade captive, farm captive and economic closure employment detention. Due to this, the people have to be prepared for the creation of a new Bihar for the next breed and crop against the captive government. Now the air of change is in the air. Now the time has come to write a new India. Sonia Gandhi said that Bihar has qualities in its hands, skill and strength, but unemployment, migration, inflation, starvation have given her tears and blisters in her feet.