Bank Rules Alert! If someone in the family has an account in 2 banks, then read this news now, otherwise…………

Bank Rules Alert! If someone in the family has an account in 2 banks, then read this news now, otherwise............
Bank Rules Alert! If someone in the family has an account in 2 banks, then read this news now, otherwise............
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It is very important to limit banking usage in the digital age. Apart from the rules of banking, many times the customer himself remains in a state of confusion. Which facility should be taken from the bank and what should not be taken.

All these things are decided by the bank itself. Even while opening a bank account, the customer only signs it. What is written and whether English is spoken or not, all these things have nothing to do with the bank. Everyone runs UPI by connecting to a bank account. But when and how much damage it can give, it cannot be estimated. More than one bank account also goes into minus due to charges. Let us know the disadvantages of more than 1 bank account…

If you are thinking of taking loan, PF or mutual funds, or want to open accounts in different accounts for fixed deposits. So know how you can balance them.

Take advantage of various offers

Banks have to increase their customers, due to which they take out many types of offers, such as interest rates, debit cards, insurance, bank locker loans and many other things. Can take advantage of this. Having more than one account makes it easy to book train or flight tickets.

Will get more insurance cover

Under the guidelines of RBI, only if the amount deposited will be insured up to Rs 5 lakh. Meaning if the bank becomes poor then you will get back only ₹ 500000. Even if you have more money in your account, that is why you can secure your money by insuring it.

Bank debit card

The advantage of opening an account in more than one bank is also, do you get the debit card of those banks. From which you can withdraw money from the bank ATM at any time. Also there is nothing to do with the transaction charge.

Opening more than one account has not only advantages but also disadvantages. Open the account wisely.


If you are not able to maintain more than one account properly. So many remain inactive. In such a situation, by stealing the PAN card or any ID of the account holder, one can also commit fraud.

Difficulty in filling ITR

If a person keeps more money in the account, then he has to fill his ITR. More information has to be given. In such a situation, it is difficult to remember the details of every account. And it is also difficult to update all your accounts. In such a situation, there is a discrepancy in the details of IT returns.

Pay the charge

At the time of opening the account, a minimum balance has to be maintained in the account. SMS charge, ATM charge, check book fee, many such charges have to be paid. If you open more accounts, then your expenditure increases every year.


It is difficult to remember the password of the debit card by opening more than one account. Many people forget the user ID and password. And they have to face many problems.

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