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Bank New Updates: SBI and ICICI Bank customers will have to keep this minimum balance in the account, know the new rules

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Bank New Updates – If you are also a bank account holder then this news is for you. Especially if you have an account in these banks, now it is mandatory for you to keep minimum balance in your account, if you do not do this, then you will suffer financial loss… Let us know about the new rules related to banks in the news below.

Minimum Balance Rules: Bank is a very integral part of the life of all of us where we can easily save our money without any fear. Banks provide many facilities to their customers on Saving Account Minimum Balance, but along with these facilities, customers also have to follow some important rules and regulations.

In this, the most important rules are to maintain the minimum balance in the savings account (Saving Account Minimum Balance Rules). Let us tell you that every bank decides its own minimum average balance rule. If the minimum balance is not maintained in a person’s account, then the bank can charge a penalty from him.

In the past days, the question related to the maintenance of minimum balance in the account was asked from the Minister of State for Finance Karad by the media. On behalf of the media, a question was raised whether the Center is considering to order the banks that no penalty should be imposed on the accounts in which the deposits go below the minimum prescribed level. On this, he said that this decision should be taken by the banks. If this decision is taken by the banks, then it will be beneficial for the customers of all big and small banks.

Pravesh Maurya
Pravesh Maurya
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