America will prepare labor market by training on H-1B posts, recruitment in various departments including IT sector


Washington: US has announced to start training programs for medium to high-efficiency H-1B positions in critical areas. The US has said that it will start a ‘manpower training program’, for which it will spend $ 150 million. It also includes Information Technology Sector (IT Sector), in which thousands of Indian professionals work.

What is H-1B Visa?

H-1B is a non-immigrant visa, under which US companies are allowed to appoint foreign professionals to positions with special technical skills. Through this visa, companies in technology sector appoint thousands of employees from countries like India and China every year.

Training will be given in IT sector, cyber security and transport

The US Department of Labor said that ‘H-1B is a workforce grant program’ to be used primarily in areas such as information technology or IT, cyber security, modern manufacturing, transportation. Under this program, the existing as well as new generation employees will also be trained, so that the workforce can be prepared for the future.

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Corona affected the labor market

The department said that not only has the labor market been affected by the corona virus epidemic, but because of this, many education and training providers and employers have to think how to train their employees. Under this grant program, the employment and training administration of the department will rationalize funding and resources to encourage a more integrated workforce.

Those applying for this grant will have to give training to employees through innovative training strategies. These include online and other technology-based training. Under the local public-private-partnership, applicants will have to impart the necessary skills training to employees among their communities, which will provide medium to high skills employees for H-1B positions in key areas.



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