Adding money to credit card in Paytm Wallet becomes expensive, now the company will charge so much on the top op of less than 10 thousand


New Delhi If you use Paytm for daily payment services, then it is very useful news for you. Actually, the popular payment service provider has decided to charge users two percent for adding money to credit cards. Till now the company used to charge two per cent for adding more than Rs 10,000 in a month with a credit card. This decision of the company has shocked such customers, who usually used to pay by adding money from credit card instead of bank account. After adding the amount to Paytm Wallet with a credit card, users are getting a message that for this service they will have to pay a nominal fee of two percent.

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According to Paytm users, this message is being displayed in front of them by adding money from the credit card to the wallet, “A nominal fee of two percent is payable for adding money to the credit card. When you add money with credit card, we have to pay more to your bank or payment network, that is why a nominal fee is being charged. Use UPI or debit card to add money at no charge. ”

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Along with this, the company is also making an offer. In this offer, it has been said that users will get two percent cashback on adding a minimum of Rs 50 to a credit card. However, this cashback cannot exceed Rs 200.

When contacted in this regard, a spokesperson of Paytm Payments Bank said that customers will have the facility to add money to Paytm wallet through channels like UPI, Net Banking and Cards.

The spokesman said, “Banks and credit card companies charge a fee for adding money to Paytm wallet through any of these means. We have decided to charge two percent fee from customers for adding money to credit cards. We will continue to bear the expenses of loading money from other sources ourselves. ”

In this episode, the spokesperson informed that the company has decided to temporarily waive the fee of five percent on the amount transferred from wallet to bank account as a festive offer.



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