84 Million Views For Mumbai Man’s ‘Flying Dosa’ Technique


    Over 84.4 million views for this dosa seller’s unique way of serving


    Since being posted on Facebook last week, the video has racked up a whopping 84.4 million views and more than 1.3 million ‘likes’, along with thousands of impressed comments.

    “Amazing guy – throwing dosa in the air for serving to customers,” wrote one Facebook user in the comments section.

    “He’s serving food artistically,” another wrote.

    However, many also criticised the dosa seller, saying that throwing dosas into the air showed disrespect towards food. Some also said that the technique looked “unsanitary”.

    “What is the purpose of throwing the dosa in the air. It really doesn’t make any sense,” a viewer remarked.

    “Playing with food… bad marketing stunt,” another said.

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