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7th Pay Commission: After DA Hike, now comes the big update on the arrears of 18 months! Know when you will get money?

DA Hike Demand: Shock to the government employees! Government refuses DA hike, employees did this work
DA Hike Demand: Shock to the government employees! Government refuses DA hike, employees did this work
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7th Pay Commission latest news: Central employees and pensioners can get good news soon. The path for 18 months DA arrears seems to be clear. Now PM Modi will decide on this outstanding arrears. Let us know when will the outstanding arrears money come in the account?

7th Pay Commission Big Update: The Central Government has once again got good news. The government has increased the DA by 4%. With this, now the decision on the outstanding DA arrears of 18 months (18 Months DA Arrear) is also expected. Actually, Central Employees have been demanding the payment of their due DA from the government for a long time.

Central employees will get due arrears!

There is media news that the government can only pay the outstanding DA of lakhs of employees. In fact, the central employees are continuously demanding the withheld DA from the government from January 2020 to June 2021. Earlier many times the news came that the government is going to put 2 lakhs of the outstanding DA arrears in the account of the employees, but the government denied it every time and the wait for the employees continues even today. Now it is being told that the government is preparing to put a lump sum of Rs 1.50 lakh in the account of central employees.

Pensioners’ letter to PM Modi

According to the news published in our partner website Zee Business, Bharti Pensioners Manch (BMS) has appealed to PM Modi that PM Modi should intervene in this matter. Pensioners say that 18 months arrears is a huge amount and is their only source of livelihood. In such a situation, it is not in the interest of pensioners to stop this money from anywhere. Significantly, due to the Kovid-19 pandemic, the DA hike was stopped from May 2020 to June 30, 2021. After this, dearness allowance has been restored from July 1, 2021, the benefit of which is pensioners and pensioners.

May be decided in the meeting

Significantly, a meeting of the Joint Advisory Mechanism (JSM) of the officers of the Department of Personnel and Training and Department of Expenditure (DOPT) of the Ministry of Finance is to be held. In this, there can be a discussion on the DA arrears payment of the employees. Meanwhile, the government has increased dearness allowance, but till now no update has come on the arrears of 18 months.

18 months arrears

It is noteworthy that due to Kovid, the government had put a DA hold of 18 months of central employees. After this, the DA of the employees was increased several times but the arrears have not been received till now. The employees are hopeful that the government will soon clear their dues. However, there has been no official statement from the government on the payment and increase of the outstanding DA so far. Let us tell you that the employees will get the DA arrears according to their salary band.

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