• In Mexico, called the paradise of drug smugglers, drug smugglers are working to help the poor affected by the coronavirus.
  • Drug smugglers, presenting themselves as Godfather of Poor, are distributing foodstuffs and packets of other essentials among the poor.

Mexico City. The whole world is struggling with the coronavirus today. Latin American country Mexico is also badly affected by Corona infection. Necessary precautionary measures such as lockdown were taken by the government to prevent the spread of corona infection. Many people became unemployed due to this lockdown. In such a situation, the government also tried to help under various schemes to help the poor. But now people have been accused of not getting enough help from the government.

Meanwhile, a different view is being seen in Mexico, known as the paradise of drug smugglers. Some of Mexico’s most powerful drug traffickers are capitalizing on this opportunity of the Corona epidemic to their advantage, so that their image remains as a philanthropist. These drug smugglers are working to help the poor. At the same time, they are also busy in promoting the trade of drugs.


In the past, it was seen that amidst stress, loneliness and financial tightness in lockdown, all drug abuse has increased significantly. Marcelina Jasmine Silva and Zakary Kelly write in the American Journal of Manchester Care that Americans have spent an estimated $ 150 billion on illicit drugs in 2016. Between 2007 and 2018, more than 150,000 firearms were seized from criminals in Mexico. Drug smugglers are presenting themselves as the godfather of the poor. They are now distributing packets of food items and other essentials to the poor of Mexico by labeling them ‘Gulf Cartels’, who are struggling in this Corona crisis.

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Drug smugglers are providing food to the poor

According to media reports, gangsters of drug smugglers fed people in the ramshackle village of La Loma de Concepcíon in the hills of Mexico State. Irenaeo, a 58-year-old flower farmer, reported that two of his teenage nieces had taken food packets, known as ‘narco despensus’. He said that in April, about 200 people, including many teenagers or children, received plastic bags of milk, sugar, soap, rice, beans. Irenio said that in the hour of crisis, whoever comes to you for help should take support. The drug trafficker ‘La Familia Michoacana’ has influence in the region.

On the other hand, Guadenio Jimenez, a 31-year-old farmer in Santiago, said he was against these people. They give what they take from honest people. A variety of crimes, including human smuggling and sex trafficking, are part of their work. They also engage in kidnapping and extortion. Here, the matter of providing food relief to the poor on behalf of the drug smugglers has also spread on social media and is making headlines around the world. Politics has also started regarding this

“It is symbolic,” said Lorenzo Meyer, a political scientist. In this crisis of Corona, efforts are being made to take advantage of the emergency. At the same time, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who described himself as a leftist, has promised to give fertilizers to farmers and to pursue liberal social programs by giving scholarships to students.


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