• Now Khadi Village Industries is also in this business of making Mask
  • The price of these masks being sold online by Khadi India (KHADI INDIA) starts at ₹ 30.
  • Demand for face mask has increased due to epidemic

New Delhi: Due to Corona Pandemic, face masks have become an important part of our lives. Almost every person puts on a mask as soon as they get out of the house. Seeing this Mask Demand, many small and big companies have started making masks in the country. Smaller manufacturers are also making this face mask. Now Khadi village industry has also come down in this business of making masks, Khadi village industry has not only started making masks but has gone a step further and started selling these masks online (Khadi Mask Available Online) so that people Do not leave the house without reason.

Talking about this, Khadi Gram Udyog president Vinay Kumar said that Khadi cotton and meat prepared from Khadi silk are appearing online so that people can buy Khadi masks. Anyone getting the quality of these masks online There is no need to worry about people, they will get real masks.
Kumar further informed that so far the Khadi Village Industry Commission has received orders for 800,000 Khadi mask supplies out of which 6 lakh masks have been supplied.

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These masks made by Khadi Gram Udyog are available in three different sizes with double layer. Also, if you take silk mask, it is in three layers, it has a layer of cotton Khadi inside and a layer of Khadi silk on top. Has been imposed.

Mask Price – The price of these masks sold online by Khadi India (KHADI INDIA) starts at ₹ 30, with cotton khadi masks starting at ₹ 30 while silk masks are available for ₹ 100. The thing to note is that when buying online you will need to order a mask of at least ₹ 500.


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