Mumbai-based Nevan Solutions has started supplying Ultraviolet Ray Contactless Sanitizer (UV-C Sanitiser) to hospitals. UV-C sanitizer also fits PM Modi’s Vocal for Local policy.

new Delhi. India has achieved great success in the fight against Coronavirus. An Indian company has created Ultraviolet Ray Contactless Sanitisers. This can prove to be extremely helpful in the ongoing fight with Kovid-19. It is made by Mumbai-based company Neon Solutions (Nevon Solutions). The company has made two varieties of it.

The company has also started supplying Ultraviolet Ray Contactless Sanitizer (UV-C Sanitiser) to hospitals. The UV-C sanitizer also fits PM Modi’s Vocal for Local policy. It is the country’s first UV-C sanitizer. Its price is almost half of the UV-C sanitizer available in the market.

Neeraj Sawant, founder of Nevon Solutions, said that 45 UV-C sanitizers have been given to some hospitals so far and work is underway on some. It is based on the model of UV-C sanitizer of China.

According to Navon Solutions, only his company’s UV-C sanitizer is available in India. Neeraj Sawant said that DRDO has offered such a prototype sanitizer, but it is not available in the market. He said that Navon started work on UV-C sanitizer in March, but they are already working on UV products. The price of UV-C sanitizer is 4 thousand rupees. It is slightly larger than the UV-C sanitizer available in the global market.

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Sawant said that the UV-C sanitizer has been developed in two different models. The first portable format, which can be used in public places. The second format is for hospitals, from which N-95 masks can also be sanitized. This will allow the N-95 mask to be used again.

Sawant said that once the UV-C sanitizer is set correctly, then it is ready for use. After all, in response to the question of how he made it, he says that he downloaded the data of SARS corono virus from the publicly available WHO and CDC website. Then researched on how much ultraviolet rays are needed to kill Kovid-19. After this the device was designed. Sawant also sent a certificate to News-18, which allowed the use of UV-C sanitizer.

Sawant said that some hospitals in Mumbai are using UV-C sanitizer. He said that the company has received a lot of orders. There is a delay in making and supplying it due to the lockdown. The company is currently producing only 25 UV-C sanitizers in a week. It intends to bring this number to 150 soon.


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