EPFO provides an option to consolidate all your EPF balances which are lying in different member IDs. All contributions made in the past into EPF while in previous jobs can be transferred to the present employer’s member ID. Thus making things less complicated for future reference.

Salaried individuals often tend to switch companies. The change in employers can make it difficult to remember and track the total provident fund balance. However, there’s a way you can keep yourself easily informed and also consolidate your EPF amount.

The EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation) offers a 12-digit unique number known as UAN (Universal Account Number) that can be activated online to keep track of your account details.

UAN acts as an umbrella for multiple member IDs. Member IDs are assigned by the EPFO to the registered companies which helps companies to contribute towards the employee’s EPF balance.

Just like a bank’s passbook, the total EPF amount in your account can be viewed through “e-passbook” link on the EPFO website.

But the problem is that for every member ID the balances are shown separately. The screenshot of the EPFO account of an employee who has changed three jobs is provided below.

Notice that EPF balance of three different jobs are provided through three different links and if total holdings are to be calculated then you would have to add the balances of these three separate member IDs.

It’s always better to have your total EPF holdings displayed in a single window. This would present a better picture of your financial health, especially for schemes like EPF which are meant for long term investments. Primary objective of EPF is to accumulate money in the EPF account which can be used in the sunny days of retirement.

EPFO provides an option to consolidate all your EPF balances which are lying in different member IDs. All contributions made in the past into EPF while in previous jobs can be transferred to the present employer’s member ID. Thus making things less complicated for future reference.

The work is made simpler by the improved online service provided by the EPFO through “One Member – One EPF account” option located in its online services menu. Simply put, this is a transfer request. Through a transfer request all EPF balances against different member IDs is consolidated into one single (present) EPF account.

However online transfer request is accepted by the EPFO only when the below criteria is met:
KYC details are linked with the UAN (Universal Account Number)
Only one transfer request against the previous member ID can be accepted.
If previous / present bank account and IFS code are available.
Personal information shown at the time of transferring is authenticated.
The EPFO website auto populates your personal information which consists of Name, Mobile number, Email, Bank account number, IFSC and Aadhar number. If any of the constituents of personal information are not correct then the same should be first edited and verified in the EPFO records.

The tab below the personal information displays the details of present account into which transfer will be made. This is the most important tab as it contains details of where your money would be moved. UAN, Employer name, Date Of Joining, Member Name, Father’s Name, PF account number, Date of Birth and Company’s Address are constituents of this tab. Cross check these details carefully before proceeding further.

Once details are verified it’s time to go ahead with the transfer request. This can be completed by following two simple steps.

Step 1: Select details of previous accounts which needs to be transferred.
To make things easier, EPFO provides a GET MID button which pulls the information of previous employers. Simply select the previous employers that needs to be consolidated.

Step 2: Authenticating request through OTP

The last step is to authenticate the transfer request using One Time Password (OTP). Once you click on the “Get OTP” option you would receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. On submitting the received OTP your transfer request is complete.

At your end, the only thing left to do is to submit a copy of the transfer request to the administration department of your current employer. A PDF copy of the request made can be downloaded from the “track claim status” option provided by the EPFO in the online services menu. Sample pic is displayed below.

You can expect the balances to be consolidated within 20 days.

It’s also possible that EPF members may have more than one UAN number. This situation can arise due to two reasons. First, while joining a new job the member did not disclose their existing UAN number. Instead they opt for a new EPF account. Secondly, this could be because of not filing of “Date of Exit” by your previous employer in ECR (Electronic Challan cum Return) filing or you have applied for transfer of service in your current establishment.

Having multiple UAN numbers creates a problem while claiming the EPF balance as the PF office would consider the active account only at the time of settlement.

In such a case, you should report the matter to your employer and drop an email to uanepf@epfindia.gov.in. Mention both your current UAN and your previous UAN(s). After due verification, the previous UAN(s) allotted will be blocked and the current UAN will be kept active. Later you will be required to submit a claim to get transfer of service and funds to the current UAN.



  2. My PF A/C No. is WB/CA/33601/4. (Gr.14)
    Whenever I was under PF contribution that time UAN Number was not generated, that,s why till now I have no UAN No. Some contribution was deposited since then. Please let me instruction how I can withdrawal my PF accumulated amount?

    • Just contact your previous employer and get the details updated from their end, then u can withdraw your of amount through online.

  3. Dear Sir,

    Long back I worked in factory near hyderabd. At that time I dont have any UNI number.
    But I have the my provident fund account number.
    If so how to get that money.

  4. I know my only PF Number, which is Kn/udp/51047/650. How can I withdraw or transfer or check accomodated PF amount which is eligible?


  6. Dear sir, I am having my Salary slip and PF number etc. Due to some disputes which was cleared with my previous Company, but still company is not taking action though i sent application after resigned on about February 2015. My PF number was starting with DL/… … … and wahat is the recent status of the number and in which office in Gurgaon/Delhi etc it is continue ??? All this i am not able to find and not ablet move forward because i am located at AHMEDABAD, Gujarat state. I do not know my UAN also. Please your honor guide me and oblige to me by the suitable means to get that money amount round about Rs, 40,000/- with out interist. Thanking you in anticipation.

    • u can creat ur UAN number through this link https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ then it will ask ur basic details file as per policy then it will take 6hrs to activate account

  7. hi i have forgotten my PF number, i only know that it was with state Bank of India , Main branch Chandigarh , 160017.
    i know my PAN number.

    I kept running from one desk to another to know about my Money, but is of no use.

    i am still worried about the money. how can it be possible that it can’t be tracked ?

    would appreciate incase this system can help me out.

    look forward to getting some help.


    Pradeep Bhardwaj

  8. I have two EPF accounts because my previous company has stopped production and its operations suddenly without prior information and the government hasn’t yet accepted their closure request. It was in 2015 june that they stopped its operations. After that , the company management along with trade unions entered into an agreement in presence of labour commissioner that they will pay the salary to the employees upto June 2017. But unfortunately they haven’t done the payment and we are all forced to open new pf account in our new companies respectively. Since they have to pay the salary and the corresponding pf amount, we couldn’t close the previous account or transfer the money in our previous account. Also, as per sources, due to more than one account, currently no money is allocated against pension account . I had 9.5 years of service in my previous company and hence I will loose my pension if I close my previous account now. Please recommend how to sort this issue. Can I transfer the amount in my previous account to my new account keeping that (previous) account live so that my previous employer can remit the balance pf amount he is bound to pay? How can I get the continuity to get my pension account live ? I would have been eligible for pension if had completed 7 more months in my previous company. Please advise….

  9. Can I remit the minimum amount every month in my previous epf account till I reach a minimum period of 10 years to get eligible for pension?

  10. Dear Sir,

    i having 3 UAN numbers

    1,UAN 101015603222
    2,UAN 100592020085
    3,UAN 100476150532



  11. I have four(4) PF account under one UAN number. Now my present PF account is with the trust.Can I withdraw my last three (3) PF account amount?Please suggest……& whats the procedure.
    If withdraw not possible than can I transfer it to my present Organization?

  12. I have submitted transferred previous balance from previous employer to current employer, Previous employer has been approved in portal. Now tell me how many days after it will be shown in current pf balance.

  13. I am in process of transfer of previous PF to current employer account. Post that I wish to withdraw my PF. Is this possible? What is the criteria.

  14. I am padam jain, I am DOE and DOE are Difference. So hemp me how can transfer in my old pf Balance to present Pf balance..

  15. Hi,
    I have withdrawn my final pf amount from my last employer however I am not able to withdraw my previous account. Now I am not working anywhere but there’s no option to select account while applying for pf final settlement only last employer account is reflecting…..please help with option to withdraw my pf

  16. Dear sir, my KYC done based on Aadhar and now pan card not getting attached still can I withdraw money from PF account with TDS, please let me know ??

  17. Respected Sir,

    Please be informed that, my D.O.B was wrong in my (EPF no.ORBBS00060030000016532) and I tried to make it correct using online facility in unified portal of PF my employer has approved online on the portal but field office of PF has rejected my online request and asking to submit the documents in hard copy at the office.

    Kindly help me to get it done using the online facility as at present my job location is far away (in J& K) for that PF office.

    For your convienence I, am attaching the screen short displaying to submit the hard copy

    It would be great help of yours to advice me or to take action from your side if possible.

    Thanking You
    Yours Faithfully

    Ganim Ahmed Raj Barbhuiya

  18. I’m Prashant Sumant Padgaonkar from mulund East
    My previous office working from 15th October 2019 to 31st May 2019

    But company actually pf cut from 1st January 2019 to 31st May 2019

    Now I’m leaving this company so wen i get my pf and how to transfer process to get my pf please guide me

    How many days from I’m leaving the company for get my pf

  19. hai i am karthik

    i worked in a company 2009-2011 and other 2013-15 and for both i have not done any thing to pf and now i need to withdraw both is it possible now

  20. Dear Sir,

    I have one UAN number but more than one PF number. How will I transfer my fund to my present PF account?

    Please assist me.

    With regards
    Arnab Ghosh

  21. 100933511902 my uan sir mera Epf transfer nahi ho raha hai kyc bhi OK hai lekin transfer nahi ho raha hai Maine percent job Ka Sara Epf nikal liya hai but Pehle company ka nahi nikala raha hai plz help Solv my problam

  22. I joined in the Geological Survey of India, Lucknow in Jun,1966. I started GPF from joining in 1966. In acute flood in the year 1968 all papers in office got immersed and ultimately nothing could be located by the Office clerk(Mr.D.P Suri) and the first two years, nothing could be traced.How can it be located now as my donation and interest are never allowed to me. I had retired in Oct,2000 and the GPF given to me did not do anything with the lost sum. Can anything be done now taking up the issue with the Head office of Geological Survey of India at 27, J.Nehru road, Kolkata-700013.

  23. If a previous account is transferred after four years in existing account & his service is in continuity,then will that person get interest of four years or only for 3 years as after 3 years the PF account is inoperative as per PF commissioner & Babu mainting the account.Kindly let me know.

  24. I have left my previous company in 2006 when there was no UAN numbers. I joined my existing company I 2006 itself but did not have PF started. It was taken only in 2014. So should I withdraw my previous contribution or should I transfer to the current. Now my age is 55.

  25. I have left my previous company in 2006 when there was no UAN numbers. I joined my existing company I 2006 itself but did not have PF started. It was taken only in 2014. So should I withdraw my previous contribution or should I transfer to the current. Now my age is 55.

  26. if when one organisation changed and other join the family pension amount will transfer to other account when EPFO account transfer

  27. I was working with Ms Tekcare India Pvt Ltd from /2001 to Dec2011. I have got back my EPF in 2012. My FPF amount not yet settled and I have been told by company personal dept that I will get pension after completion of 60 years of age. I am 62 now ( 2/11/1956) in the meanwhile the company is closed. It is the Videocon group and I was in Service as head for Kerala.
    Kindly help me!

  28. I can’t submit “Transfer Claim” on line for transferring my PF a/c from an earlier employer as the DOE has not been uploaded by them. Repeated reminders to upload the same have yielded no result. Since that is in a far away place I can’t go personally to check the matter. Don’t know if the Co. has shut down or not. Now, how can I get my a/c transferred to the present A/c. ?


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