Servicing the car for a year costs around Rs 19.63 lakh, for which you could buy a BMW S1000RR. Of this, Rs 14 lakh is just for the engine oil change

The Bugatti Veyron is the one of the fastest cars on the planet today. It combines speed and class and makes for a really sleek package. But with a great car comes great maintenance. And make no mistake; the Rs 12-crore Veyron is one of the most expensive cars to own and maintain.

Given that each of the Veyron’s parts is precision-made to handle the power of the engine and high speeds on the road, it should come as no surprise that each of them costs a queen’s ransom. Replacing even a minor part on the Veyron will probably cost you as much as a new mid-sized sedan.

Bugatti recommends that the car’s tyres be changed every 4,000 km. To add to that, the rims need to be changed at every third instance of a tyre change because the tyres are glued to the rims to keep them from coming out during launch.

The Veyron’s tyres cost around $30,000 (Rs 19.63 lakh, for which you could get a new Jeep Compass) and the rims cost $120,000 (Rs 78.5 lakh, for which you could buy an apartment in suburban Mumbai).

YouTuber Royalty Exotic Cars put up a video that shows just how expensive it is to change the engine oil for one of these beauties. Servicing the car for a whole year generally costs around $30,000 (Rs 19.63 lakh, for which you could buy a BMW S1000RR), of which $21,000 (Rs 14 lakh, which is roughly how much a top-spec Toyota Yaris costs) is only for the oil change.

Watch the YouTube video here:


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