Yogi government demands Rs 3003 crore from Center to deal with Corona epidemic, sends memorandum


    Lucknow, JNN. The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has sought Rs 3003 crore assistance from the Center to deal with the Corona epidemic. The revenue department has sent the central government to Memorandum for this on Monday.

    In Memorandum, the State Government has given details of expenditure in various items. The Center has been told that 18.65 lakh migrant workers have registered on the Janusunwai portal to return to the state. They will all come to the state in the near future. Money will also be needed to bring and accommodate them. Fifteenth Finance Commission has made a provision of Rs. 2578 crore in the State Disaster Response Fund in the current financial year.

    The Central Government has approved expenditure up to a maximum limit of 25 per cent of it in works related to Kovid. This amount is 644.50 crores, which is very low considering the expenditure. Therefore additional funds have been sought.

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    Under what price

    • 80 crores to bring migrants by train.
    • 816.71 crore for freeing people by buses.
    • 410.65 crores to protect the Kovid epidemic.
    • 422.32 crores for arrangement of 28.15 lakh people in the shelter home.
    • 366 crores for giving ration kits to 28.15 lakh people.
    • 330 crores for 2055 community kitchens.
    • 127.93 crore for free ration to the poor.
    • 120 crores to the sanitization of buses.
    • 42.12 crores for honorarium of Home Guards.


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