US ELECTION 2020: Donald Trump dances on stage at election rally, goes viral VIDEO


The US presidential election (US Election 2020) is scheduled for November 3, and as the election draws near, interesting things are happening. A new story has been added by Donald Trump with his strange movements.

After recovering from the coronavirus, Donald Trump began attending election rallies and said he was feeling more powerful than ever. He tried to prove the same in Sandford, Orlando.

He was so moved by the crowd that he started dancing on the stage prepared for the talk. As Donald Trump began to tremble, so did his fans. However, on social media, the opposition made a lot of fun of it.

After Trump’s dance video went viral, critics said he was trying to show he was fit. Trump supporters at the rally disregarded orders for social distance and wore masks.

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Trump did not stop supporters at all, although Trump himself came out positive. In her 65-minute speech here, she said the same thing about the cornvirus that she now feels stronger than ever.


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