This great wireless speaker is available for less than Rs 2,000, see the full list here


Nowadays there is a lot of craze for wireless Bluetooth speaker among the youth and if you also want to take such a speaker, then we can help you in that. Here we are going to tell you about such Bluetooth speakers present in the market, which are worth less than Rs 2,000. The special thing is that despite the low price, you will get many special features including excellent audio quality in these Bluetooth speakers. Let’s take a look at these wireless Bluetooth speakers …

VingaJoy SP-6560 Wireless Speakers

Price: 1,599

Users can buy VingaJoy SP- 6560 wireless speakers from users e-commerce platform. Its specialty is its design, which is pocket friendly, that is, you can carry it comfortably in your pocket and carry it anywhere. It does not require any kind of cable. If you are partying on the terrace with friends then you can keep it together. This wireless speaker can provide 8 hours of playback time in a single charge. It can be connected to Android, iPhone and laptop.

UBON SP-43 Wireless Speaker

Price: Rs 1,999

Bluetooth 5.0 support for connectivity is provided in the UBON SP-43 Wireless Speaker. The battery used in it is capable of giving a backup of 10 hours. This is a Made in India product, so if you do not want to take a Chinese device then UBON SP-43 may be the best option for you. This portable device will get great HD sound quality.

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JBL Go PLUS Portable

Price: Rs 1,899

It can also be a good choice in the race of wireless speakers. You can get a playback time of about 5 hours after a single charge. That is, you can enjoy music without stopping for 5 hours. This device can be easily connected to laptop and smartphone.

Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100

Price: Rs 1,099

The Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100 Wireley speaker will feature dual speaker connect technology. Once charged, it is capable of providing 9 hours of playback time. It comes with IPX7 waterproof design, meaning you can easily use this device around water. It is available in Black, Blue and Red color variants.


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