These tips, who keep credit cards, will not be victims of fraud


The credit card segment has evolved considerably. People who work in a good place may not be able to fill a form properly, but they have a credit card. At present, while there is a spate of digital cheating, every credit card holder needs to take some precautions.

The head of the Department of Consumer Credit card and digital acquisition at HDFC Bank, Angshuman Chatterjee, is telling us what precautions need to be taken by those who have credit cards. If they do that, they will not be victims of fraud. If it ever happened, what do they do?

What to do carefully
Those who have credit cards should always take some special care. They need to understand that digital technology dominates digital knowledge in the world. The vicious people who are duped are taking advantage of some gullible customers. They ask them all the information that should not be mentioned under any circumstances. Often by calling thugs try to get such information.

Don’t indicate card number
The first rule to keep a credit card is that you don’t tell anyone your card number. Do not disclose the OTP (OTP) of the credit card, which comes to your mobile number, to anyone. Even if the caller is saying that he is speaking to your bank, don’t give them this information. It is personal information and is only for transactions.

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Don’t share information on every link
Do not give your credit card information on every link. Work wisely. Not every site is helpful to you. Beware of spam emails that ask you for money on the pretext of someone’s illness. Do not answer calls that ask you to tell the last four digits of your credit card to get a new credit card. You have to refuse them clearly. If those calls are fine, you will know about them. But, if you make a rule that you have to say ‘no’ to every such call, you will be safe.

Work on the bank’s backend continues
Your bank is constantly working on the backend to ensure that your credit card transactions are safe. For example, super premium cards are used to continuously make large transactions. So, there is a dedicated team for that, who always keeps on seeing that there is no purchase that is not in line with the way you use the card. For other cards, a team monitors 24/7 risk and fraud.

The bank also makes contacts
Most of the credit card issuing banks have made their own IP for data and analysis management. Which can be seen at all times as to what are the transactions that may be suspicious. Banks immediately contact the customer when such transactions appear. The bank also has an Insta card. This means that if you don’t find a transaction right, you can hotlist your card. The bank will give you another Instacard so that you can resume your transaction.

Pay within the credit period
Every credit card company gives its customers 50 days to pay for purchase or other transaction bills. Customers do not have to pay any additional fee if payment is made within this period. But as soon as this period goes on, it starts to be charged. If you want to avoid this, necessarily pay your bill within 50 days.

What to do if you’re cheated
If someone has cheated you by chance, immediately inform the credit card issuing bank. If you have communicated it to the bank in time, that transaction will be the responsibility of the bank. The bank will not take money from you for this fack transaction. The loss will be taken up by the bank and further action will be taken. All these arrangements have been made for the safety of the customer. The bank simply requests customers not to become victims of new methods and means of fraud.