Punjab’s main bowler said- different from IPL Under-19, if there is a mistake here then the scope of return is over because the bowler has only four overs as soon as he gets


Leg-spinner Ravi Bishnoi is the leading bowler of the Kings XI Punjab team for the highest wicket-taker in the Under-19 World Cup 2020. Bishnoi of Rajasthan has taken 8 wickets in 8 matches so far. He said that the IPL is different from the Under-19 World Cup in the sense that a bowler has only 4 overs. In this case, the possibility of return after making a mistake is less. Right now my focus is on T20 league. I am not thinking about Team India. Excerpts from their conversation…

The coach and mentor of the team is Anil Kumble. What new learning did you get from them?
Like him, I am also a leg spinner. Told about how to bowl under pressure. Has also worked hard with him on Flipper. IPL is a big platform for the player. Doing good here creates recognition. I am trying to give my 100 percent here.

Many big batsmen have taken wickets in the IPL. Is there extra pressure from being a big batsman in front?
I do not bowl thinking who is in front. It is true that in IPL you get the opportunity to bowl the best batsmen in the world, which also boosts confidence.

You are bowling from both sides around the wicket and over the wicket. What is the reason for this?
I bowled once in the under-19s. Then my coaches Shah Rukh (Pathan) and Pradyot (Sarechan) made me practice it a lot. In UAE too, Kumble sir worked hard on it in the nets. They said that you can. I am the youngest in the team. That’s why everyone supports me a lot. Everyone laughs but the Universe boss (Chris Gayle) doesn’t respond.

The team is doing well. But very good results are not coming. In such a situation, how is the atmosphere of the dressing room?
If you do well and lose, there is no atmosphere of disappointment in the dressing room. Coach Kumble, Captain Rahul and the management believe me. I try my best to live up to my faith and give my best.

What difference do you feel between playing in the Under-19 World Cup and playing in the IPL?

The only difference is that if there is a mistake in the IPL, then the chances of return are less. There are only 4 overs. All youngsters are in the Under-19 World Cup. There is a 50-over match. If an over is not corrected then there is a possibility of a comeback.

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Gavaskar also praised you. He said he did not see leg spinner with so much runup?
Earlier I used to do medium pace. Later the coaches said to bowl spin. The habit of long runup came from there. It would not be possible for me to change it either.

Playing IPL for the first time. Not a fan, disappointed with this?
Yes, I am definitely missing this thing. It would have been fun to play in front of Rajasthan spectators at Sawai Mansingh Stadium.

In the under-19 trials of Rajasthan, was out on the first day?
For three years I was continuously coming for trials. Every time I was out. 2017 I also got out on the first day. He came out and started crying. The father was also angry. Where did they feed my coach Shahrukh and Pradyot, don’t feed me this cricket. The two coaches then talked to the selector. I was called again the next day for a trial and I was selected. If it is not selected on that day, it does not reach here today.


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