Proposal pass to investigate WHO role, China and UN agency may face difficulties


Geneva, AFP. Member countries of the World Health Organization (WHO) agreed on Tuesday to investigate the role of the United Nations agency in dealing with the epidemic caused by the corona virus. The WHO is already targeting the US for warning the world about the Corona virus, and now the way the resolution was passed to investigate its role, it may increase its difficulties.

Motion passed unanimously

Member countries virtually participated for the first time in the WHO annual general assembly. In this it was unanimously passed that a joint effort is needed to deal with this crisis. According to the proposal put forward by the European Union, there is a need for a fair, independent and comprehensive assessment of the international response to the Corona epidemic. More than three lakh people have died and nearly five million people are infected due to corona.

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Check on these points

The proposal states that the point of investigation should also include what steps the WHO took and what their timing was? The US did not separate itself from the consensus of member states. On the first day of the annual General Assembly, the US mostly targeted China.

Offer not binding

The resolution passed on Tuesday at the WHO meeting is not binding and does not mention the name of any country. It also called on countries to ensure transparent, equal and timely access to any treatment and vaccine for Kovid-19 for all. It also includes the controversial issue of the origin of the virus. Regarding the virus that came out last year in China, the WHO has been told that it should help in checking the source of this virus and its spread to human population.



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