Now Priyanka Vadra said to the UP government- Let 879 buses run right during investigation


Lucknow, JNN. The politics started in Uttar Pradesh by the proposal of providing bus for migrant labor-workers has created a ruckus till Delhi. The party’s national general secretary Priyanka Vadra has sought permission for 879 buses found in the investigation after a controversy erupted over the list of one thousand buses provided by the Congress to the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh. Also, the new list of two hundred buses is said to be made available to the government by Wednesday. At the same time, in the effort to siege the Uttar Pradesh government, the national leaders of Congress also came forward in Delhi and accused the Yogi government of insensitivity, while favoring the party.

After getting the wrong numbers of all the buses given by the Congress, found unfit, etc. Priyanka tweeted- ‘UP government’s own statement that out of our 1049 buses, 879 buses were found to be correct in the investigation. Your administration has stopped more than 500 of our buses on the high Nagla border for hours. Here, more than 300 buses are reaching Delhi border. Please allow these 879 buses to run. We will provide you a new list of 200 buses tomorrow. Of course, you will also check this list. People are in a lot of trouble. Are sad We cannot be late. ‘

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On the other hand, in Delhi, the party’s national spokesperson Randeep Surjewala and former minister Rajiv Shukla spoke to the journalists and expressed their support for the Congress. Surjewala said that thousands of people in Uttar Pradesh carry their burden of barefoot daily on the back, the children are going on foot with the dock. Why does the BJP’s Uttar Pradesh government not see their pain? Congress General Secretary Priyanka Vadra and all the Congress colleagues are coming forward and arranging 1,000 buses, then the Uttar Pradesh government is obstructing it, putting obstacles in place.

Surjewala said that on May 16, Priyanka wrote a letter to Yogi Adityanath seeking permission to run 500 buses from Ghazipur border, Ghaziabad and 500 buses from Noida border. The yogi kept silence for 48 hours. After that too, there are constant hurdles. At present, around 500-600 buses have gathered above both the borders and the administration says that we have no information from above.

Whether to put BJP flag: Rajiv Shukla

Former Minister Rajiv Shukla said that 600 buses are standing on the elevated Nagla border in Agra district. If anyone suspects you can go and see there. He said that put the BJP flag on the buses, put photo of anyone on these buses, but help them.


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