Nizamabad By-Poll Result: TRS candidate Kavitha solid victory as Nizamabad MLC


Nizamabad MLC By-poll result: Former MP Kavitha has scored a solid victory in the counting of Nizamabad MLC by-election votes. Let us know the complete details of the counting process which took place in two rounds.

Nizamabad MLC By-polls Result: It happened as everyone expected. If not  by winning more votes than expected the poem of former MP Kalvakuntla gave a shock to the opposition parties. Kavitha won an unprecedented victory in the joint Nizamabad district local body MLC by-election. Kavitha won a solid victory as a TRS candidate in the MLC by-election of local bodies. While there are 824 votes in total  823 votes were polled. The votes were counted in two rounds. Of these  TRS won by 728 votes. The BJP then won 56 votes. Congress got 29 votes … 10 votes were invalid. The result was revealed within 2 hours of the total counting starting.

First round:

Kalvakuntla Poem ———- 531
P. Lakshminarayana ——– 39
B. Subhash Reddy ———– 22
Invalid Votes ——- ——- 08
Total ———- 600 votes in the second round:
KALVAKUNTLA 197 ———- poem
pilaksminarayana ——– 17
b .Subhash Reddy ———– 07
Invalid Votes ————– 02
Total Votes ———- 223

Total Results – Votes
Kalvakuntla Poetry ———- 728
P. Lakshminarayana ——– 56
B. Subhash Reddy ———– 29
Invalid Votes ——– —— 10
Total Votes ———- 823

Celebrating the TRS Series:
TRS activists are celebrating the huge victory of TRS candidate Kalwakuntla Kavitha in the by-election. In fact she did not hold any office for 16 months after her defeat in the parliamentary elections. When the by-election schedule came, she thought that victory would be assured only when she made a poetic nomination on behalf of TRS … All the TRS leaders worked hard to get a huge majority for her. Votes were seen to be split within the joint district. The party rallied the support of others along with them and tried to garner huge votes. The joy of the party ranks was boundless as more votes were cast for the poem in today’s counting.

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Shock to Congress:
The Congress and the BJP have worked hard for the victory of their party candidate Vaddepalli Subhash Reddy and their candidate Potankar Lakshminarayana in this by-election. The government has been accused of corruption. Even so … Batty understands the results as not being able to compete at all with the poem. In particular, the Congress, which claims to be an alternative to the TRS, is now in third place and political analysts are deeply considering the BJP’s rise to second place. The BJP is likely to emerge as an alternative force by the time of the next assembly elections. Analysts suspect that the Congress party, which claims to have come to Telangana, is gradually losing ground in Telangana.

The counting went like this:
There are a total of 824 voters in the MLC quota of joint district local bodies. Of these, one councilor from Bodhan died, while two other voters chose the postal ballot by corona. 99.64 per cent polling was recorded in the elections held on 9th. Public representatives of 821 local bodies exercised their right to vote. In Kamareddy district 100 per cent and in Nizamabad 99.64 per cent voted. Officials have set up 6 tables for 50 polling booths for the MLC by-election counting. 100 votes were counted on each table. Results were announced in two rounds. 600 votes were counted in the first round. The remaining 221 votes were counted in the second round.


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