Lockdown will not apply in Bangladesh after May 30, guidelines to be followed by June 15


Dhaka Bangladesh will no longer increase lockdown after May 30, but people will only be allowed to move out of their homes following strict rules. Minister of Public Administration K Farhad Hussain said that the government has decided that the Corona virus lockdown imposed in the country will not be implemented after May 30, but every citizen will have to follow the health guidelines by June 15. 

A nationwide shutdown was implemented in Bangladesh on 26 March to prevent the corona virus. So far, 522 people have died due to the corona virus, while the number of infected has been recorded at 36,715. Farhad Hussain told reporters that the general holiday will not be extended after the lockdown ends on May 30, but that everyone must strictly follow the health guidelines for COVID-19. However, the elderly, sick people and pregnant women should refrain from joining the office, while others will cooperate to maintain 13 personal guidelines. 

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He also pointed out that the government plans to allow the reopening of public transport services such as passenger buses, trains and ferries, as well as to maintain health guidelines and restrictions. “Restrict” and “restrict” Explaining the opening from Hussain, it said that this meant that “transport services would maintain health instructions” in a “controlled manner” while local authorities would take detailed decisions in this regard.

Private aviation operators will reinstate their services under their own management to maintain health care,” said Hussain. He said that the current ban in public ceremonies and unnecessary movement of people from 8 am to 6 am would be kept in force, while violation of the order would be considered a punishable offense. All shops would be opened, taking care of social distancing.


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